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Will Mortensen of SD Bolt Report, previously known as Chargers Update, located at broke the story regarding the release of Ryan McNeil and Denis Savage was on air with John Fricke and Mike Costas of the Mighty 1090,, on Tuesday. Here is the transcript of that conversation:

John Fricke: We have Denis Savage of with us. Denis, how are you doing?

Denis Savage: Great, we love your show here.

Denis Savage: We have a guy up at camp; Will Mortensen who actually broke the story for us.

John Fricke: So you guys heard about it this morning, tell me, what do you think?

Denis Savage: I didn't think it was possible to get any younger in that secondary. Apparently after watching the game this weekend and Hanik Milligan play, they saw some good things from him and with the return of Terrence Kiel in a week or two, they figured good things were happening with the youth on the team and that they could get away with it. I am not sure who is going to step up in the leadership department in that secondary.

Mike Costas: That was my next question. You get rid of a Rodney Harrison, a guy who meant the world, not only to that secondary and to the team and now Ryan McNeil. Who do they look to now?

Denis Savage: I think you have to say Kwamie Lassiter, even though he has only been with the team since the offseason, he has obviously got the experience and leadership qualities to step up as well as Donnie Edwards at linebacker, Jamal Williams of course along the defensive line, but it is going to be tough to replace someone's leadership like that.

John Fricke: Was this a money move to go out and create room and maybe buy a defensive tackle if one becomes available? I know the Packers are going to go after "Big Daddy" Dan Wilkinson, why I don't know, but they want to replace Gilbert Brown.

Denis Savage: He is the only one available. Who else are you going to go after?

John Fricke: I have no idea.

Denis Savage: Right now there is no one who has been released that is worthy of consideration besides "Bid Daddy".

John Fricke: Unless they are going to sit here through the first round of cuts next week and see what happens.

Denis Savage: That is definitely very possible. I cannot see anyone of worth getting cut with the premium on defensive tackles in this league and it can't be a money move this year, because the savings are not worth it.

John Fricke: You've got a secondary now with the Chargers, Denis and Mike, if you think about it, Kwamie Lassiter and either Milligan or Kiel at the other safety and we presume Sammy Davis and not Drayton Florence, but lets say Sammy Davis and Quentin Jammer that has a combined 8 starts in Bolts uniforms. That's all Jammer last year.

Denis Savage: That's crazy. I don't know how we are going to get through it, but obviously we needed major changes being 32nd ranked against the pass last year.

John Fricke: AJ Smith said there are other big cuts coming. Now we know cuts are coming because cuts have to come, but "Big Cuts", any clue?

Denis Savage: I don't even know how to respond to that to be honest with you. I can't imagine it being much bigger than Ryan McNeil right now. I don't even know.

John Fricke: Neither do I.

Obviously on the spot, it was tough to think of other cuts. Now that I have had time to consider the question – a few names come to mind:

Stephen Alexander: He has been chronically hurt the past few seasons and with young tight ends dotting the roster, namely Justin Peelle, Josh Norman and Antonio Gates, the Chargers may make a move to release him.

Steve Christie: He nails it from 40 yards in, but kickers in the NFL routinely make kicks from 45-50. Punting when in what the NFL has to consider field goal range, is essentially giving away points. Can Mackenzie Hoambrecker lead this team?

Darren Bennett: Mike Scifres is the future at punter. Is he also the present? Scifres has locked down the kickoff duties and if he is effective in the preseason it can't come as a surprise that Bennett would get cut. There are only so many specialist roles on this team, and two punters is a sure way to take a much needed roster spot.

Cory Raymer: Raymer saw his job taken last year by Jason Ball and this year Bob Hallen has worked out at center to provide more versatility and Luke Butkus joined the team after a successful NFL Europe campaign. Someone with experience has to go on the offensive line with the addition of Phil Bogle and Courtney VanBuren. Raymer may be the odd man out if they feel Hallen can do a better job backing up the guard spot and center spot.

Carlos Polk: He was expected to compete for a starting job, and Zeke Moreno has staved him off all offseason. He is the best special teams player on the team, but could LeMarcus McDonald pick up that slack and offer more upside if Polk does not get the starting job?

Tim Dwight: Nah. He has been steady this offseason. No matter what is said regarding his contract, he is valuable on special teams and plays with heart. Despite his small frame, he may be the best blocker among the wide receivers. That cannot be denied when LaDainian Tomlinson carries the rock.

Thanks to the Mighty 1090 for bringing us on air again in what is becoming a common event and allowing us to publish the transcript. A few weeks back Kenny Williams was on air after reporting Drayton Florence signed before anyone else had heard word. Now Will Mortensen broke the story at Chargers camp in Carson and rewarded others with the news.

-SD Bolt Report Staff

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