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Chargers DT Brandon Mebane helping to shape defense

The former Seahawk is adjusting nicely to San Diego.

Defensive tackle Brandon Mebane spent nine seasons with the Seahawks after being picked by Seattle in the third round of the 2007 NFL Draft.

He won a Super Bowl with Seattle in 2014, defeating Denver 43-8 in a performance that showed off a dominant Seahawks defense.

Now, Mebane brings that experience to the Chargers, the team that signed him to a three-year contract in the offseason when he entered the market as a free agent.

"I've been trying to give [my teammates] tips on what they need to do," the 31-year-old said. "Stance, what they're seeing in different formations, just little small things.

“I give them four things that work for defensive linemen across the board when you play for anybody: Focus on your eyes, your hands, your feet and your leverage,” he added. “I tell guys on the D-line to focus on those four things. And if you focus on those four things, I guarantee you’ll be successful … I'm still learning from different things and what I can do out there to make my play better too, because this is a different system. I'm learning a lot. No matter how old you get, you still can learn. I'm open to that."

Until this year, Mebane has only known Seattle and the powerful defense that is now synonymous with the Seahawks. He is encouraged by what he sees in San Diego, though, and spoke highly of the improvement made from the beginning of the offseason until the team wrapped up workouts last week.

"We got a lot better with fundamentals," he said. "Dissecting how to watch film, doing the little small things that put you over to the next level. There's a lot of talent here. I think the key is just honing those skills individually and then playing all together as one unit.

"A lot of guys around here have gotten a lot better since we first started. A lot better."

Mebane, who finished his 131-game career in Seattle with 349 tackles and 15.5 sacks, is now sandwiched between Corey Liuget and Joey Bosa. He credits defensive line coach Giff Smith for the progress made by the unit.

"He's a good D-Line coach," Mebane said. "I think he's very smart. Probably one of the smartest D-Line coaches I've had."

Strong words from a player familiar with defensive success throughout his career.

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