Chargers Camp: 8-14-03 PM Notes

LaDainian Tomlinson sat out the afternoon practice. The temperature in Carson was much milder than the 100 degree heat the San Diego Chargers saw in the morning. A cool breeze made for a crisp practice that saw several minor injuries sustained in the morning healed.

David Boston was back at work in the afternoon and looked crisp. He was running full speed and looked fluid in his routes. The heel injury that threatened his speed and cutting ability was nowhere to be found. On one red zone route, Boston made Quentin Jammer look silly. Did we mention Jammer was also "back"? Boston ran at Jammer, faked the fade route, and cut back inside where Drew Brees connected with him for an easy touchdown. It would have been hard for anyone to make a play on the fluidity that Boston showed.

Jammer got a little massage from Marty Schottenheimer after the play. Jammer had ice wrapped to his back in the morning session. Jammer did not miss any time on the field after the rubdown.

Kelvin Garmon was also back at the afternoon session seeing his normal amount of work.

Stephen Alexander was rested for the afternoon as he comes back from his groin injury.

The only player to see treatment in the afternoon was Damion McIntosh. He was sitting on the cooler while getting worked on by a trainer. A few minutes later he was back in a left tackle.

Dondre Gilliam stayed after practice and worked with Cleo Lemon. He looked solid in the light workout and caught every ball thrown his way, including some acrobatic catches. Gilliam does not look very far away from participating in practice.

Brian Sump had Marty in is ear for part of practice. Sump ran a quick slant and with Jude Waddy closing in, Sump failed to use his body to shield Waddy away from the ball and make the catch. Instead Waddy got a hand in on the ball to knock it to the ground. Marty explained to him the need to turn and face the ball to shield the defender from having the ability to make a play on the ball. Sump came back a few minutes later to make a catch off a tipped ball from Doug Flutie. Matt Wilhelm got a paw on it and Sump made a beautiful readjustment to the ball to make the play. Using what the coaching staff just taught him, he also used his body as a shield to make sure only he could make a play on the ball.

The up and down day continued when Sump slipped on a cut to the inside. The ball was already in the air from Drew Brees. With Sump down, the ball went into the hands of Cedirc Henry who took it to the house with the defense cheering him on. The pattern was based on timing and Sump tried to make a quick cut. Those types of plays cannot happen in game or it will be the death of any offense.


Word filtered out shortly after practice that Jamal Williams will be out of action for one-two weeks with a lower back strain.

Marty Schottenheimer picked up some cable lying just off the practice field. A fan asked him if they pay him extra for that work. Coach Schottenheimer responded by saying, "No, the more you do, the longer they keep you around."

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