Chargers Camp: Friday 8-15-03

With a game coming up tomorrow the San Diego Chargers went through a light practice this morning in Carson. The team will head down to San Diego now to get ready for the home preseason opener at Qualcomm Stadium.

The Chargers spent a majority of today's practice working on special teams. Last week saw the Chargers muff two punts, one which was recovered by the opposing team. Today they worked on different blocking schemes and spent a good 45 minutes going through the different aspects of blocking.

They also worked on onside kicks recovery. Everything today was geared towards getting better on special teams. As it failed them a week ago, the Bolts coaches want to make sure it is not a source of trouble tomorrow against Arizona.

After the special teams drills were over the Chargers worked in a variety of formations and situations. Nothing too strenuous on the group and the coverage was half hearted as the coaches wanted to make sure no one else got injured on the day.

One growing situation of note is the absence of Tim Dwight on the first team. Everyone but Dwight is getting reps and it will be interesting to see just who lines up with Drew Brees and the first team tomorrow.

The team also worked on shirt yardage drills and a few linebackers heard from Coach Manusky. LeMarcus McDonald was the first to bear his wrath as Manusky said to him, "McDonald, get your head in the game."

Shortly thereafter Manusky called over Jordan Kramer after telling Kramer to widen his stance on the line and Kramer not listening. McDonald was in on the discussion as Coach Manusky told Kramer how to position his feet, particularly at the goal line so he can change direction quickly and maintain his leverage against blocks.

Josh Norman made the catch of the day in the back of the end zone which prompted secondary coach Jerry Holmes to say, "Out of bounds."

Norman was clearly in bounds and came back with a, "Shut up."

They both got a good laugh over it. Norman fully extended to make the catch in the back left corner of the end zone. As often as he drops the ball, he shows why he can be so dangerous as linebackers have a tough time keeping pace with him.


LaDainian Tomlinson was back on the field. Although he did not see any work on the day, it was a good sign that he is over his ailments of yesterday.

Hanik Milligan also returned to the field and picked off a pass after it was tipped by a fellow defender. Cleo Lemon tried to thread a pass into tight coverage and paid for it.

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