Chargers Camp Photos

With all the news that San Diego Chargers training camp in Carson has brought, the pictures tell the real tale. Here are pictures taken over the last week of practice at the Chargers training facility in Carson. is also offering a free John Hadl autographed 8x10 photo to the first 15 people that sign up for an annual pass. Sign up today and get in on all the news!

David Boston beats Quentin Jammer and catches a touchdown pass from Drew Brees in Thursday drills. Boston faked a fade route in the red zone and Jammer bit. Boston eased back inside for an easy touchdown. (Denis Savage & Will Mortensen/SD Bolt Report) Terry Charles runs a deep seam route versus Sammy Davis. Davis lets up when he recognizes the pass from Doug Flutie sailed too far over the head of Charles. Davis had been stride for stride with Charles through the route. (Denis Savage & Will Mortensen/SD Bolt Report)
Jesse Chatman takes a swing pass underneath and races to the corner of the end zone before Stephen Cooper can collapse on him. Cooper bit on a play fake the other way and was unable to react quickly enough to the bootleg and dish from Brees. (Denis Savage & Will Mortensen/ SD Bolt Report) Drew Brees sets up to take the snap from center in 7 on 7 drills. Surveying the field in the red zone he has to make a dumpoff pass as the defense provides solid coverage taking away any thoughts of an end zone pass. (Denis Savage & Will Mortensen/ SD Bolt Report)
Donnie Edwards stays after practice to work on catching the ball in a variety of positions. After helping out the running backs by putting a hand in front of their eyes as the ball arrives, he works on his one handed catches. Although it looks like this ball is destined to hit the turf, Edwards corrals it in style. (Denis Savage & Will Mortensen/ SD Bolt Report) Josh Norman shows why the coaches are enamored with his potential despite the occasional dropped pass. In red zone drills he creates a mismatch against the linebackers he faces and gains separation to catch a pass in the end zone. Using full extension he brings the ball in soundly and manages to get both feet in bounds. Defensive backs coach Jerry Holmes and Norman exchange words as Holmes tells Norman he was out of bounds. They both eventually get a good laugh out of it. (Denis Savage & Will Mortensen/ SD Bolt Report)

-SD Bolt Report

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