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Chargers stadium issue about to heat up as season starts

It isn't just training camp that's on the mind of Chargers fans.

NFL training camp opens this week, and with it, thousands of fans from each franchise will flock to see their team in action, optimistic for the season ahead.

Fans in San Diego will have more to talk about, though, than the usual fodder over what's happening on the field. Like last year, this year's training camp opens with a familiar query: "Will this team even be here next year?"

Once again, uncertainty plays a factor for both players, fans and families.

Unlike last year, the Chargers have their sights set on San Diego -- downtown, in fact. Whether or not they can get the stadium they want is another issue.

We now know two stadium issues will be on the November ballot: The Chargers' initiative, which looks to raise the hotel tax to 16.5 percent to pay for both a joint stadium and convention center, and an independent initiative called the Citizen's Plan, which looks to raise hotel taxes to 15.5 percent to pay for tourism marketing and a convention center (but not directly a stadium, though it's a gray area).

Fans will not only be debating whether running back Melvin Gordon can have a stellar sophomore season and how impactful first-round pick Joey Bosa might be, but whether or not a stadium can be built this season -- and if not, what happens next.

Should the Chargers find success through their first nine games of the season -- with that ninth game happening at Qualcomm on Nov. 6th, vs. the Titans -- the emotion might be enough to facilitate a positive outcome at the polls on Nov. 8th, though it looks more and more likely that a positive outcome would mean a two-thirds vote, and not a simple majority.

Once again, the only certainty is that there will be uncertainty ... at least for several more months.

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