Pictures from the Chargers Parking Lot

The San Diego Chargers lost to the Arizona Cardinals on Saturday, but the turnout was excellent as fans expect great things from this team now and long into the future. With the game being a preseason affair, the diehards are easier to spot. They came out in full force Saturday and we have the pictures to prove it.

Let's face it; preseason does not count in the standing. You will not see the starters sweating it out every play. It is a time where battles are won, and the fans start perfecting their tailgating as the team perfects its own plays.

If you are walking around the Qualcomm parking lot with a Chargers jersey on and no beer in hand, don't be surprised if they offer you a beer or a dog. The fans – it is what the game is about. Fans reveling in the season ahead… Fans talking about the most exciting offseason in recent memory…

A gleam of hope in the eye as the season turns to fall…

The best of the Q and the warm friendly atmosphere of Chargers football in San Diego…

Bolt Pride is a phenomenon sweeping through San Diego Chargers fans and the whole contingency can be seen in the West end zone, first row screaming and hollering at every game. This flag waving in Section A3 of the parking lot is just a small part of every Bolt Pride experience. They tailgate like no other group of fans and visitors are always welcome. (Denis Savage/SD Bolt Report) The Chargers tour bus runs through the parking lot every week. Inside it is luxurious and outside is where the true fun begins. Set up in the parking lot of B2 talk of Chargers football is always welcome. (Denis Savage/SD Bolt Report)
The front of this car has been decked out in true Chargers spirit. Never have we seen its equal. Henry and his dad, Bill, did all the work on this car and made it a true blue machine that represents the Chargers and the United States. (Denis Savage/SD Bolt Report) You thought the front of the car was exceptional, well the back has a built in grill, a place to sit under the sun and don't forget the chairs that are easily stowed away. This used to be a four door Datsun, but it did not fit into the lifestyle Henry and Bill envisioned. So they cut the back door down and installed their own playground revolving around the Chargers. Need to catch a glimpse of this treat? Head to the C2 sign in the parking lot and say hello! (Denis Savage/SD Bolt Report)
Need to find true fans. The Sump family made the trek out from the Midwest and Grandma and Grandpa Sump have missed just four of Brian's games since he started college! Brian's dad managed to wrestle a #3 jersey just minutes before arriving to Qualcomm. Talk about support from a family! (Denis Savage/SD Bolt Report) Its just a wheel, but the hubcap has the Bolt insignia. This is perhaps the coolest thing we have seen in years. Great innovation and they look pretty sharp. (Denis Savage/SD Bolt Report)
This van has been patrolling A2 for years and it is not going anywhere. Same spot, arrive early to tailgate with the owners. This is the second coat on the van as they repainted it with friends one weekend and if you look real close at the top of the van, you can see some of your favorite Chargers numbers. The helmet on the front says it all. Oh and the picture of the wheels, came off this beauty. (Denis Savage/SD Bolt Report)
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