Notes from Chargers Practice: Tuesday

Many new developments today have the team on edge. This is the week when players roles are truly defined as the San Diego Chargers coaching staff looks to prepare the team for the season opener in Kansas City. With cuts just a week away, players getting second team are in luck, while the others…

Tim Dwight was back with the first team today, sharing time with Reche Caldwell. After his performance Saturday, who can blame the coaching staff for getting him back in there. On the first play during full team drills, Tim got behind the defense and Drew Brees launched one in his direction. With AJ Smith looking on Tim made a diving effort to catch the slightly overthrown pass. Much to Tim's dismay the ball bounced just off his outstretched finger tips falling incomplete. All Tim could do was lay there with his facemask buried in the grass. ..

Mike Scifres and Darren Bennett continued their battle today alternating punts to Tim Dwight and Eric Parker. Mike is making a push as he continues to improve his consistency.

In the second set of full team drills it was the David Boston show. On the first play Cam Cameron called his number with a reverse. With his size and speed and the threat of LT to fake the reverse I think we may see that a few times this season.

Later in the session, Drew Brees looked sharp on three consecutive plays going to Boston all three times. The result was three straight completions netting a total of about 60 yards. Coverage was decent on these plays but some things you just can't stop. The Chargers appear to be opening things up a bit as downfield passes were thrown in abundance this morning…

With the second team in there the best matchup pitted Sammy Davis in one on one coverage against Eric Parker. Doug Flutie dropped back to pass and seeing Parker on a streak pattern with single coverage proved to tempting to pass up. He let it fly but #22 was up to the challenge, blanketing Parker while the pass fell incomplete. Instead of looking for someone else to pick on the next play, Flutie again saw Parker singled up with Sammy on the same pattern and went for it. The result was the same. Great coverage, incomplete pass.

One of the best battles in camp has been Sammy Davis vs. Tay Cody. Sammy has no doubt been impressive, but Cody has done nothing to lose the job. Cody is still running with the first team.

Phil Bogle saw time at RT with the first team offense. As a result, he drew Marcellus Wiley in pass protection. So here you have an undrafted rookie free agent going against a Pro Bowler in Wiley. An intriguing battle to say the least. Of the four pass plays that I saw, Bogle handled him on three. On the other play, Wiley was close to getting pressure, but Bogle hung on just long enough for the pass to be thrown. He definitely held his own.

To end practice Bogle was at left tackle with the second team while Courtney Van Buren was at right tackle. It remains to be seen if this is just an experiment or if the team really thinks that highly of Bogle....or are they are that disappointed with Van Buren.......stay tuned...

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