Complete Chargers 19 Texans 17 Recap

Reliant Stadium- This is a complete recap of the Houston Texans vs. San Diego Chargers game and may appear to be somewhat messy, but fear not, all the juicy details are here. Feel like you were at the game, or at least watching it if you missed it as the Chargers beat the Texans 19-17 in the final minute of the game.

David Binn calls heads…and the call is tails. Houston will receive.

JJ Moses back deep and Mike Scifres will kickoff. Scifres sends it to the 3. Jerry Wilson finally gets Moses after a 50 yard runback. Scifres just missed a tackle with a hand swipe aimed at the ball.

David Carr takes a naked bootleg but gets the pass of to Andre Johnson in front of 36. Ben Leber came in on the pressure. Johnson gained enough for a first down and put the team quickly into field goal range.

Handoff to Stacey Mack off right tackle where he is met by Zeke Moreno who holds him up and Donnie Edwards finished him. Ben Leber and Ray Lee Johnson meet Mack at the line after a gain of two as Mack tried to take it up the gut. Shotgun by Carr who sends a pass to Johnson, his second catch of the day with a shallow crossing route and another first down before being brought down by Florence near the sidelines.

Mack hit immediately by Donnie Edwards who nails Mack behind the line of scrimmage. Mack again takes it between the left tackle and Jason Fisk cut across the line to nab Mack after a gain of three. On third down Carr faked a handoff and the Texans were hoping Wiley would bite on the fake but he did not and contained Carr forcing him to throw it away.

Houston settles for a field goal and an early three point lead, 3-0 after Kris Brown nails one from 29 yards.

Drayton Florence deep and Nick Maddox the up back to be the lead blocker on the kickoff. Florence down at the 23 as he does not follow his lead blocker to the inside and tries to go wide right where there is no room.

Pass to the right and Tim Dwight gets on the board early with a reception from Drew Brees for a first down. Another attempt to Dwight and Aaron Glenn had nice coverage with an arm around the waist to break it up. A not so good play fake and Brees looks off Boston and throws deep to Dwight but it goes too far. Brees goes back but the defense collapses in on him forcing his hand. Bogle gets called for a holding, but the pass goes incomplete to Dwight again as it was short on the throw with Brees hitting the turf as he passed. The penalty was not taken forcing the Bolts to punt.

Darren Bennett punts to Moses and he again awaits his blockers and gains a bunch stutter stepping and allowing his blockers to turn their man this way or that for about 16 yards.

Mack cuts it back around the left tackle and gets smothered by a line of white after a gain of three. Quick slant to A. Johnson and he catches it in stride with Moreno on him and Leber cannot make the play before A. Johnson gains another ten yards.

Ray Lee Johnson comes with serious pressure and looks like he is held but gets a hand on Carr. It wasn't enough as Carr ran left to get a first down before running out of bounds. Corner end zone route to Johnson but it is overthrown and goes incomplete. Delay draw to Mack and Donnie Edwards gets him from his position on the ground after a gain of a few. Ball on the 24, another quick slant to Johnson who beats Sammy Davis and as Davis falls to the ground and Kwamie Lassiter plays the ball instead of the route; Johnson strolls in for a touchdown. 10-0 lead by the Texans with 7:22 to go in the first quarter. Marty Schottenheimer has a nice long talk with Davis.

Florence down at the 18 as no one blocked for him and he made no moves to allude the coverage team.

Brees, play action, but pressure comes from everywhere and Brees throws it away. Dahrran Diedrick finally gets the carry but is take down quickly after a gain of two over right guard. Quick pass to Dwight with Brees eyeing him the whole way and the ball is thrown way behind Dwight who was wide open. Bennett to punt.

Punt goes 37 yards and Jerry Wilson gets the tackle after a five yard return.

Carr passes to Corey Bradford and Quentin Jammer is all over his back. Jammer knocked down Bradford at the line to start the play. Ton Hollins eludes an Edwards tackle and bounces outside before Lassiter gets him after a 8 yard gain. Moreno collapses on Hollins at the line with Wiley also in on the tackle to stop the Texans short.

Eric Parker calls for the fair catch at the 20 yard line. Kevin House almost clipped Parker on the play. Brees dumps it off to Diedrick ten yards deep in the backfield and makes a few yards. Ugly snap and Jay Foreman came in on the blitz to pressure the ball. False start on Kelvin Garmon costs the Bolts five. Brees with a quick pass to Josh Norman on a slant and Norman takes five Texans with him to get some extra yards. Great strength shown on the pay by Norman. Diedrick takes one up the gut for two. Brees high to Dwight over the middle and Dwight makes a nice catch just over midfield. One handed grab saves Brees an incompletion. Quick out to Parker who cuts it back inside to make the defense miss three tackles but he does not get vertical, just adding an extra two yards on the play. Diedrick goes right tackle and gains three bouncing off a man in the process. Brees over the middle to Norman but it falls short as Charlie Clemons is called for roughing the passer hitting Brees below the knees on the play. Had Brees been able to step up into the play, he had Norman with a step. First down on the 17. Play action, and a nice one, Brees passes to Boston who shrugs off the first tackle but cannot break the second tackle despite a spin move. Play action and the ball from Brees goes high in the end zone to Norman. Norman got two hands on the ball and was rewarded with a hard hit in the end zone. Pass protection breaks down and Brees tries to escape but turns into Kailee Wong. Phil Bogle cannot handle Wong who beats Bogle inside. Steve Christie hits one from 46 yards with a beauty of a kick, dead center through the uprights.

Scifres kicks one out of bounds…ball at the 40.

Mack gets the handoff and Jason Fisk pummels him at the line punching the ball out and Gilford Brown recovers the ball for the Texans. Jason Fisk supplies pressure up the middle and Carr throws before he wants to. Vernon Fox cannot come up with the interception. Carr has time as the offensive line picks up the blitz nicely and the ball goes towards Johnson but Ray Lee tips the ball dropping back into zone coverage.

Parker takes the punt and beats everyone to go 88 yards for the touchdown, juking this way and that and a flag is dropped…Holding on Quentin Jammer AGAIN. The sweet moves of Eric Parker are again denied.

Ball gets placed on the Chargers 21.

Brees screen to Diedrick and he gets a nice block from Jason Ball to go 22 yards. Diedrick over right tackle and gains two. No huddle called. Brees hits Reche Caldwell on a crossing route 20 yards downfield for a reception. David Boiston cleared out the route for Caldwell. Diedrick takes one up the guy and leans forward to get a nice ten yard gain. Caldwell runs a curl route and Brees connects with him at the 5. Handoff to Diedrick who gets nailed as he hits the hole and goes down after a gain of one and a first down. Brees 9-15 thus far. Brees fires to Peelle and it goes off the hands of Peelle who should have had an easy touchdown reception. Handoff to Diedrick who again gets stuffed and instead of running past Garmon who opened a hole off his right shoulder he runs right into the defenders to the inside lowering his head instead of showing vision. Brees fade to Boston who makes an easy catch going man on man with 38 who has no chance of covering his man.

The first touchdown by the first team offense goes from Brees to Boston, a fitting sight and a 10-10 tie. 10-17, 118 yards, one touchdown for Brees.

Scifres to the five yard line and David Binn makes the tackle before Moses can make the Chargers pay at the 28. Adrian Dingle checks in and pops the runner three yards into the backfield. Mack cuts through a small hole as Ben Leber gets held up and Moreno makes the tackle around the ankles after a gain of 8. Screen goes to Mack and Edwards brings him down after a first down. Mack starts right then goes back left and hops a downed lineman to gain a few. Play action and Leonardo Carson takes Carr down but Carr gets the ball off to in front of Jammer for a first down. Hollings bottled up in the middle by Wiley. Carr across the middle to Billy Miller who gets nailed immediately by Moreno. Third and 7- Carr passes to Johnson who gets tackled by Fox short of the first. Texans will go for it on fourth and 2 on the SD 30- Naked bootleg and Wiley gets his first sack as Carr tried to take it around him. Not a chance…

Chargers ball- Flutie in. Pass outside to Pinnock for a few. Flutie screen to Diedrick who gets tripped up by not after a first down. Diedrick again over the middle for about 5. Two minute warning… Rollout by Flutie who nails a ball into Parker for a first down. Timeout Chargers. Flutie throws too far outside to Boston who cannot come up with it. Boston catches a slant pass but cannot get many yards as he has to slow up for the ball thrown behind him. 3rd and one- slant to the other side to Caldwell but Jason Bell knocks the ball away. Christie kicks a 36 yarder to put the Chargers on top 13-10.

Scifres to the seven and Moses is taken down at the 27. Carr throws a quick pass to Miller who goes out of bounds after a gain of 7. Carr dumpoff to Mack and Moreno and Carson converge quickly on him. Carr to Jabar Gaffney and again Moreno is in on the tackle with Davis. Timeout Texans. Dingle brings pressure on Carr who gets the ball of sidearm to Bradford who makes the catch despite great coverage by Jammer. Ball down at the 39 and Todd Sievers comes in to try the 58 yarder. The ball is blocked by Otis Leverette. Fitting since Leverette is the tallest Charger at 6'6.


Maddox takes the ball from the 15 and runs up to the 28. Give is to Maddox who gets hit after 2. Gates with a great block on the last play. Play action and Maddox gets the ball from Flutie making a nice move to get a few extra yards. Maddox off right tackle and he gets the three. Play action and the pass goes to Gates on a drag route for his first catch of the preseason. Gates gets five. Third and one- give is to Joey Goodspeed who gets hit quick, but gains the first down. Flutie outside to Charles on a ten step and stop route. Charles makes a nice catch on the play. Maddox gets bottled up on the left side after a gain of a few, inches short of the first down. Andrew Pinnock in and he will get the carry and make the first down. Pinnock is now three for three in short yardage situations. Flutie has Charles wide open on the left sidelines but Flutie is about an hour late getting him the ball and has no chance to make the catch. Flutie passes high to Grant Mattos who makes a great catch near the sidelines and somehow gets his feet in bounds. Flutie tries to put in a sidearm to Mattos but it goes incomplete. Flutie to Mattos on fourth down but the ball is knocked away by the Texans. Mattos did not come back to the ball and it cost them.

Mack runs up the gut for a five. Mack turns the corner and is run out by Hanik Milligan. Off tackle to Mack and Leverette pulls down Mack after five. Mack again and LeMarcus McDonald just misses him in the backfield. Give is to Mack again and he falls over his own man after a solid gain. Carr goes deep to Bradford with Florence step for step with his man. Holding penalty on Milford Brown costs the Texans ten yards. Stephen Cooper meets Hollings after a gain of two. Toss to Mack and Cooper again in on the play after a gain of just a few. Carr over the middle to Johnson with Dingle providing pressure but Johnson drops the ball. Wilson gets a hit in on the play.

Brain Sump deep- makes the catch but absolutely no help from his teammates as a good six Texans bring him down after a small gain of four yards.

Pinnock behind Goodspeed goes down quick. Cleo Lemon in. Throw to Dondre Gilliam who makes a nice catch on a ball a little outside. Give is to Pinnock and he gets the first down, 4-4 on short yardage as the whole line moves the pile for him. Pinnock gets the ball again and bowls over everyone to gain six. Pinnock again bounces off a few people and puts his head down to get the extra yards but falls just short of the first. Play action and Lemon misfires getting the ball to Goodspeed as the ball sails wide.

Scifres punts it away 51 yards away and Moses calls for the fair catch with Chargers bearing down on him. Hangtime was 5.0 seconds…any questions?

Hollings breaks into the secondary with a run and gets 10 yards. Hollings again carries the rock with DeQuincy Scott showing nice hustle, running him down from behind for a gain of just one. Hollings with a nice move and poor Vernon Fox lost his shorts on the play. Leverette made the tackle downfield after a gain of nine. Hollings taken down by Fox and Wilson after a gain of three. Hollings again and Cooper drags him down three yards deep in the backfield. Hollings takes the corner and beats Florence to the outside as he cannot bring him down and Hollings gets a first down and is pumped. Hollings wrapped up by Jacque Cesaire and Leverette who knocks the ball out but Houston recovery. Bradford catches an in route from Carr for a first down in front of Wilhelm who misses the ball. Jonas Lewis takes the ball and tries to cut back inside but there is no room as he goes down after two. Carr goes down the field to Bradford who catches a nice ball on the sidelines and Florence cannot stay with Bradford on the short ball. Lewis heads inside and Cesaire tackles him at the line. Hollings takes the corner again but Gaffney mugs Kevin House and the Texans are penalized ten. Carr over the middle to Miller who makes what looked like a nice fingertip catch but it is ruled incomplete. The Texans will challenge the call on the field. The play on the field stands as the ball hit the ground before he had possession. 3rd and 20- Pass is to Gaffney in the end zone for a touchdown. Florence is on coverage a step or two behind and no pass rush comes in to help the defense. Unsportsmanlike conduct on the Texans will cost 15 yards on the kickoff. Texans up 17-13.

Brown kicking off on his own 15 and Florence takes it at his own 16 and Florence goes down at the 27 as the Chargers could not take advantage of the good field position chance.

Screen to Pinnock but the house was after him and Van Buren could not hold off Antwaan Peak among others who did not block very well. Lemon to Gates who is wide open and Gates takes threw ball and puts his head down and gets 31 yards. Handoff to Pinnock who gets taken down by Walker after a gain of two. Pinnock catches a pass over the middle and makes a nice move to make #51 miss and gain a few more yards. Third and two and Pinnock gets the ball again and has to lunge for the first as Peak got him around the legs. On the measurement the got it by an inch or two. Lemon to Charles and Fagan almost picked the pass off as it was a bit too far for a slant pass and Lemon failed to allow Charles to use his body to shield the defender away from the ball. Terry Charles is then called for a false start penalty. He is called off the field immediately. Mattos replaces him. Lemon does a great job to elude pressure and Lemon lofts one to Mattos who comes back to the ball but the gain is only one, maybe two. Third down and 13- Flag on the Bolts, a false start on Gilliam. 3rd and 18- Lemon pulls the ball down and runs for nine as he did not see Mattos running down the field wide open on a crossing route. Lemon gets the team in field goal range and Mackenzie Hoambrecker kicks a 53 yard field goal with a good five to ten to spare to make the score 17-16.

Scifres kicks to the ten and Moses drops the ball. McDonald takes advantage and takes him down at the 20. Holding on the return team will cost the Texans.

Tim Baker goes down on the play catching his heel in the grass. More to follow as he gets carried off by trainers.

Tony Banks in and gives to Hollings who gets one. Ball at the 11. Hollings off tackle and Dielman and Pospisil meet him quickly and the Chargers call a quick timeout with 3:42 to go and the Texans up by one. Banks throws a quick slant and House breaks up the pass with a nice play. Fourth down-

Sump at the 43 takes it up to the 50 and just missed an open seam that closed quickly.

Lemon delay to Pinnock who keeps his legs moving and gains seven behind Gates who has shown good blocking today. Pinnock bottled up at the line. Maddox in at back and he picks up a blitz nicely while the pass goes to Sump and Kenny Wright knocks the ball away. Fourth and three- delay of game called in the Chargers putting the ball back eight yards. Raymer missed the stamp of the foot by Lemon to snap the ball. Lemon rolls out to his left and finds Charles on a crossing route for a first down and gain of 24 to put the Chargers in field goal range. Ball at Houston 24.

Two minute warning:

Pinnock takes the ball for two yards up the gut with both hands secure on the ball. Inside handoff to Goodspeed who gets a few yards and starts to line the ball up for a field goal attempt. Handoff to Pinnock who puts the ball in the middle of the field for the field goal attempt. Chargers call a timeout, 23 seconds to go in the game and lines up from 36.

Hoambrecker kicks from 36 yards out and nails it through the uprights to put the Chargers ahead. Marty claps for Hoambrecker with the score 19-17.

Scifres squib kicks it and Moses goes down at the Houston 33. A holding on the Texans will push them back. Jordan Kramer has the tackle. 12 seconds left at the 22. Banks tries to get a ball in to Avion Black but the ball goes incomplete. Omari Hand ends the game with a sack of Banks and a Chargers win.

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