Complete Recap: Chargers 24 Niners 3

The San Diego Chargers faced the San Francisco 49ers on Friday to mark the end of their preseason and the end of preseason in the NFL. The Niners will kickoff after the Chargers won the toss and wanted the rock quickly.

While this recap is complete, it may seem messy. This recap will give you a feel for the game and who played well. For complete news, is the place to be.

Florence at the seven to the 28 as he slides sideways into the coverage unit.

Drew Brees is in under center and hands off to Chatman who starts right and cuts left to gain 12. Kelvin Garmon had pulled and the defense followed Garmon right leaving an open lane along the backside.

Brees deep to Eric Parker and Parker is tripped up on the play. Pass interference is called on Rashad Holman as he held him up and made contact after the five yards.

Ball on 29, and an offsides on Anthony Adams who jumped the snap and Brees called a hard count to draw him. Caldwell and Parker on the field. Chatman held up on the left side of the line for no gain.

Brees to Caldwell in the end zone with Ahmed Plummer all over him and it is called for pass interference again. Ball on the 1 and the give is to Joey Goodspeed who balls his way in behind Jason Ball and Reche Caldwell who was blocking on the outside. Just like that the Bolts go up 7-0. First rushing TD for the Bolts during the preseason.

58 yards of penalties on the Niners helped the Chargers quickly get into position to punch it in.

Mike Scifres with the kickoff and the ball is fielded at the 10 by Cedrick Wilson and Wilson takes it to the 23 before being brought down by Kevin House. Holding is the call and the ball goes back to the SF 13 yard line.

Jeff Garcia takes the snap and the give is up the middle to Garrison Hearst who gains five before being taken down by Kwamie Lassiter and Zeke Moreno. Garcia tries to toss one up for Terrell Owens who stays with him step for step and the ball goes out of bounds. Ben Leber brings the pressure this time and Garcia scrambles out and throws a ball up high for Wilson who catches a pass over Jammer for a first. Garcia is pressured on the outside by Marcellus Wiley and Ray Lee Johnson brings pressure up the middle to smack Garcia and the ball flies out sideways for an incompletion.

Wiley closes the gap quickly to take down Hearst in the backfield but the call is a false start on Wilson. Heart gets the ball and Wiley slides off his block to tackle him after a gain of one. San Francisco is flagged for a personal foul on the play and the Niners have been penalized for 88 yards.

Fred Beasley has been ejected from the game for the call of unnecessary roughness. Third and 29, and Hearst gets a screen pass and is brought down by Lassiter and Carlos Polk well short of the first down. Jerry Wilson brought the play back to his defense by taking on a blocker.

Tim Dwight back deep and takes the punt at the 21 and gets up to the 30 before being taken down by the first man in.

Cleo Lemon is inserted into the game and takes the first snap throwing a toss left to Leon Johnson who gets a couple and puts his head down for a few more. Cory Raymer led the play with a pull and a nice 6 yard gain.

Cornelius Anthony is down on the play after helping to make the tackle. Anthony is carted off the field. The injury is called a deep bruise.

2nd and four on the 36, and Lemon sets up a screen but throws low for an incompletion. The pass was intended for Johnson. Mattos in motion and Lemon has to scramble to his right and he finds an open Mattos on the sidelines and Mattos lunge for the marker coming up inches short. The Chargers go for it on their side of the 50 and Lemon leans over Courtney VanBuren who leads the charge.

Johnson gets tackled quickly by Chidi Anahatu for a loss. Van Buren gets called for holding and the ball goes back 10. CVB was not even in on the play as it went right and he was on the far side of the field.

Delay draw to Johnson and he tries to cut it outside but trips over the leg of Van Buren who was making a solid block. Lemon to Johnson again on a draw and he takes it up the middle following Goodspeed and Antonio Gates downfield for a gain of 17. Lemon a quick pass to Goodspeed and he is quickly taken down short of a first.

Leber with ice on the ankle…

Bennett to kick, fair catch at the 19.

Tim Rattay in and hands it off to 25 who gets away from Otis Leverette who could not wrap him up high with a man around his waist and Vernon Fox missed him in the backfield, but a cloud of blue swarmed in to take him down for a loss of one.

Sammy Davis picks off Rattay on the next pass as he played off his man and baited Rattay into making the throw. Lloyd was open if the pass went deep.

Ball at the 39, and Lemon hands it off to Chatman who takes it left for 4. Lemon play action and hits Terry Charles running a crossing route and Charles makes sure he gets both feet in.

Handoff to Chatman who skips over would be tacklers with cuts back and forth, back and forth for a gain of ten, down to the 17. Chatman again takes the ball behind Goodspeed and Kevin Breedlove for a gain of 4 up the middle.

Give is to Goodspeed inside for a gain of three. Handoff to Chatman who gets stripped of the ball but it looks like his forward progress was stopped. San Fran's Dwaine Carpenter stripped the ball and picked it up. The play is being challenged. The call on the field has been reversed and the Chargers keep the ball, 4th down. Steve Christie kicks the 25 yard field goal with Darren Bennett holding for a 10-0 lead.

Scifres kicks it to the 15 and Arlind Bruce makes the corner to bring it back past the 50 until Scifres bumps him out of bounds. Drayton Florence could not keep him from making the corner. Luckily holding on the play to Stephen Cooper and Andrew Pinnock pinned the Niners at the 20. Brandon Lloyd takes a quick WR screen and gains eight. Terry Jackson goes left and Adrian Dingle and Polk have him dead but Jackson cuts it back and gets a first.

Play action and both defensive ends get through, and maybe held a little as Rattay throws it away with everyone covered. Jackson takes it over the left guard for a five. Rattay gets a pass of with Dingle all over his right shoulder and Lloyd takes it at the shoestrings and makes Florence miss badly in the open field to get a first down.

Play action and Rattay throws over the middle to Arnez Battle who drops a ball in space facing zone coverage. Fade against Davis and Davis does not need to look for the ball as it lands out of bounds. Davis again steps ahead of his man to cut his route. Rattay sidearms a ball to Lloyd and Terrence Kiel comes up to drive him into the turf as the ball goes incomplete. Punting -- LaFleur to the 13 as Johnson calls for the fair catch.

Lemon to Johnson who is corralled in the backfield as Pinnock misses a block. Johnson goes right following a nice block from Pinnock and cuts it inside his block for a gain of five.

Kassim Osgood in the game on third and four. Give is to Johnson who goes up the gut for a first down. Perfect call against the blitz. Johnson again and 67 loses his man and Johnson is taken down after a gain of three. Chatman up the middle is hit immediately as Pinnock misses any block he was to throw and lets a blitzer up the middle grab him in the backfield.

Lemon leads one to Chatman who has to dive to make the catch and Chatman falls a yard short of the first. Bennett punts the ball to Jimmy Williams at the 15 and Goodspeed and Cooper take him down at the 24. Call is an illegal block in the back by a Niner on Kevin House and the ball goes back to the 12. Rattay handoff to Jamal Robertson who takes it inside before Omari Hand brings him down after 8. Another run up the gut and Cooper takes him down after the first. Rattay drops back to pass and is pressured by Terrence Kiel and Jacque Cesaire before throwing it away.

Robertson off tackle and Hand takes him down as he tries to gain the edge. Rattay with time and throws outside to James Jordan but the ball is just short of the first down. Cedric Henry and Tony Okanlawon are quick to touch him.

Johnson back but gets hit quickly and the call is illegal formation on the Niners, declined ball on the SD 32. Quick hit to Charles who drops the ball. Lemon had it in right on the money. Give is to Chatman but the whole offensive line cannot hold and it goes for a loss of 2. Lemon gets pressured quick as the O-line released on a screen to quickly and the ball goes incomplete. Bennett punts to Bruce who takes it from the 19 to the 25 and David Binn takes him down.

Ken Dorsey in and gives to Jackson who gets four. Dorsey has to pull the ball down with Leverette in serious pursuit and Dorsey is hit by House and Leverette after a gain of one. Dorsey to Jordan in front of Okanlawon who was on his back, but a first down.

Jackson left and Kiel applies the hit to him as he pursues the play along the line. Dorsey throws a bullet to a wide open Jordan downfield for a gain of 33. No one is close to him. Kiel is the closest one and eventually gets the tackle as Jordan thought he would be it as he caught it. Polk and Cooper nail Jackson in the backfield for a loss of one. Polk gets fired up with some pumps of his fists.

Jamal Robertson catches a pass from Dorsey who gets a pass off with Jordan Kramer in his face, coming in unblocked. Great play by Dorsey to feel the pressure and deliver strike for first and goal. Jackson for a few.

Two Minute Warning

Cesaire with a hand in Dorsey's face and Otis Leverette with pressure from the outside forces Dorsey to throw incomplete. Scott Pospisil had a back of the jersey of Dorsey and the ball goes incomplete forcing a field goal attempt. Jeff Chandler knocks it through, 10-3.

Kickoff to Johnson who gets taken down quickly and is unable to get past the first tackler at the 18. Lemon seam pass to Charles who uses his body well and a nice throw on his hip out to the 40.

Lemon tosses one up for Charles, but good defense by 46 to knock it away. The ball was LOFTED up. Chatman goes right and shows off a nice spin to gain four. Lemon makes a sweet move to elude a rusher, 51, and tosses a soft pass up to a wide open Gates for 28 yards. Lemon to Grant Mattos in the end zone on a pump and go, and Mattos tries to come down with it with one hand but cannot grab it. Lemon drops back and is unable to get away from the pressure this time as Ahanatu takes him down for a sack. With :07 seconds to go Charles catches a quick slant and a timeout. A 44 yard field goal attempt for Christie… and Christie blows it wide left missing badly….the ball hooked and continued to hook….

Halftime: 10-3

Marty on Lemon, "Kept his poise but it is disappointing we did not get that one."

On his defense, "For the most part we did a pretty good job "

Scifres kicks seven yards into the end zone for a touchback.

Dorsey deep to Lloyd and it bounces off his hands as Okanlawon makes contact with him in his back. Lloyd slowed down to make contact. Robertson gets outside going right and Kramer gets held to help him get outside, penalty on Kwamie Harris.

Dorsey throws outside to Lloyd who makes a great catch on the sidelines, somehow keeping his feet in bounds. A Dwayne Ledford penalty costs the Niners 15 yards on a personal foul call for a major face mask. Robertson breaks two tackles before Cesaire takes him out of bounds. Dorsey fires a bullet, right to Vernon Fox who was thinking end zone before he even made the interception…

. 3rd and 31- Dumpoff but Dorsey throws it too far with Leverette pressuring him.

Johnson returning the kick and takes a lane and brings it back to the SF 40 before the kicker gets him. Polk had a nice block to spring him and Goodspeed got away with a block in the back on the 36 yard return.

Seth Burford checks in. Burford hands off to Chatman who takes it left for four. Burford immediately pressured up the gut but he dips his head to elude the rush and takes it up the gut avoiding a sack. Burford again sees pressure and throws to Charles on an out, but the coverage is there as it is batted down forcing fourth down. Mackenzie Hoambrecker from 53, but the attempt goes wide left from the left hashmark. The ball went straight; it was just not on line.

Niners take the ball at the 43 and Jackson takes it to the 46. Dorsey play action to Battle who catches it in front of Okanlawon for 11. Jackson busts through the middle and past Cesaire who had him around the waist for a second for a gain of 10. Jackson again gets into the secondary, this time over left tackle and Fox takes him down after a gain of ten. Leverette and Cooper this time collapse on Jackson at the line. Florence comes in on a blitz and Dorsey misses his attempt, leading his TE too far. Dorsey to Battle who takes the ball two yards from the first down marker and busts through a Kevin House tackle for a first and goal. Jackson is bottled up quickly by Cooper after a gain of three. Dorsey tries to lay one in for his TE but the ball goes untouched, incomplete. The Chargers bring the house in on Dorsey on third down and goal and Dorsey finds a wide open man for a TD, but it is called back on an illegal formation call on Kwamie Harris.

Drayton Florence takes the ball 98 yards on an interception caused by Omari Hand who knocked Dorsey to the ground and the ball popped free as Dorsey tried to throw the ball into the end zone. Florence followed his blockers and made some cuts to cruise in untouched putting the Bolts up 17-3.

Scifres hits his kickoff to the 20 and it is returned to the 40. Dorsey passes one to Robertson and it tips off his hands to Polk, but he cannot catch the easy interception. Robertson goes right and Leverette tackles him behind the line for a loss of two. Dorsey tucks the ball and runs, but Florence takes him down as Dorsey tries for the first instead of sliding down.

Leon Johnson back deep and takes the ball at the 15 for a fair catch. He tries to run with it before the whistles go off saying he did in fact call for the fair catch.

Burford an inside handoff to Pinnock who pushes the pile four yards. Chatman takes it over guard Bob Hallen for a first down. Pinnock takes another inside handoff and blows up everyone. A nice spin move gets him past one guy and he carries the rest before going down 14 yards later. Burford takes a fake bootleg and gets smacked after a gain of two. Give is to Chatman who hops two different would be tacklers and gains 6. Run up the gut nets the team two and after a measurement they are three inches short. Give is to Pinnock on fourth and he sheds a block and keeps his feet moving to make the first with a good second effort behind Bogle.

Burford back to pass and Moran misses him as Burford steps up and scampers for eight yards. Handoff to Pinnock and he takes it for a first and carries another two guys with him for a few yards. Pitch to Chatman and he takes it for two yards. Van Buren gets into it with a Niner defensive end, pushing him well after the play but no foul is called. Burford with a quick hit to Charles but it bounces off his hands and goes incomplete. Burford this time hands it off to Chatman who has a huge hole and gets a first down through the middle of the line. Chatman again up the middle for three yards. Pinnock for three yards and inside the 20.

Pinnock again as the up back takes it a yard shy of a first. Pinnock then takes it through a big hole on fourth and one from the 15 created by Van Buren and Raymer for a touchdown untouched. 24-3, the touchdown capped a 16 play drive.

Scifres to the 4 yard line and down at the 27 as Cooper takes Bruce down.

Brandon Doman is in. Handoff to Jackson inside for three. Jackson is met by Cesaire and Hand after a gain of three. Doman passes the ball outside to Jordan and the ball flutters before being caught as Florence pushes him out, but not before a first down. Fox hits Jackson in the backfield but Hand started the action a little early with an offsides penalty. Jackson tries to turn the corner and Wilhelm shows nice hustle to pull him down from behind after a gain of three. Fox comes in on a blitz but cannot wrap up Doman and Doman gets the ball to Rashean for a first. Jackson again tries for the right corner but he cannot make it all the way around as Henry grabs him after a few. Same play goes right and Leverette uses his long wingspan to take down Robertson for no gain. Doman tries to get a ball into Bruce, with Florence on him, but the ball sails wide. Florence looked like he tripped the receiver, but no flag was thrown. LaFleur gets a good roll as the ball dies at the five yard line.

Chatman up the middle for two. Van Buren jumps offsides inside his own 10 yard line. Burford has only thrown one pas thus far. Chatman takes a botched hand off and makes some nice moves to take it outside and get a first down. Bob Hallen again with a nice block to spring him. Inside handoff to Chatman for another four yards.

Chatman takes the ball over the right tackle and inside Antonio Gates who makes a great seal off and Chatman takes the ball 22 yards knocking over a Niner with complete disregard for him on the way. On the next play, Chatman loses one yard. Chatman goes right and cuts it back inside for five. Chatman goes left and Van Buren cannot seal off his side as Chatman goes down after two.

After a fair catch on a punt, Robertson takes the handoff and is dragged down by Leverette about 8 yards downfield to end the game.

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