Dr. J's NFL Week 1 Rankings

Hello everyone and welcome to the best time of the year. It's good to be back writing for all of you again. I hope you will enjoy reading it as much as I'll have fun writing it all season long...

With preseason just concluded, here is a look at how the teams shake out in their quest for a championship:

1) Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Until shown otherwise on the field, the Bucs are the best team in football.

2) Philadelphia Eagles
A healthy McNabb is great, but a better running attack could mean the Eagles are Super Bowl bound.

3) Green Bay Packers
As long as Brett Favre is slinging the ball, the Packers are always a tough team to beat.

4) Tennessee Titans
A very underrated team. Had 0 Pro Bowlers despite having 2nd best record in AFC last season (11-5)

5) Buffalo Bills
Already had an explosive offense and now with the arrival of Takeo Spikes, Jeff Posey, and Sam Adams, defense looks solid.

6) Oakland Raiders
Another year older, but still dangerous. Has the window of opportunity closed?

7) Miami Dolphins
Can Junior Seau add the fire to a team that lost it down the stretch?

8) Kansas City Chiefs
Show Priest Holmes the money!

9) Seattle Seahawks
Late season push could mean big year for Matt Hasselbeck and save Mike Holmgren's job.

10) St. Louis Rams
The greatest show on turf needs to stop the sideshows and bring in a ringleader.

11) Cleveland Browns
Now that they've decided on Kelly Holcomb, the new Cardiac Kids could bring home a division title..

12) San Diego Chargers
Could be a big year for a team with a retooled offense and youthful but aggressive defense. But 9 wins might not be enough for a tough AFC West.

13) New England Patriots
Lots of youth and new faces for a team in a very tough division.

14) New York Giants
Good D, improved special teams, solid, but just not spectacular.

15) Carolina Panthers
Sleepers to watch? Jake Delhomme at quarterback and this Carolina Defense. Could be the story of the year.

16) New Orleans Saints
The big winners in the NFC South with Vick out in Atlanta.

17) Atlanta Falcons
No Michael Vick for perhaps the season dashes the hopes of a team that was poised to make a big splash this year.

18) Pittsburgh Steelers
They won't have Kordell Stewart to kick around anymore.

19) Indianapolis Colts
Someone tell Peyton Manning to stop thinking so much and just run the play that's been called.

20) Denver Broncos
Mike Shanahan's genius will be tested with inconsistent Jake Plummer.

21) San Francisco 49ers
Steve Mariucci out, Dennis Erickson in. Chaos to follow?

22) Baltimore Ravens
After saying that Kyle Boller didn't have a chance at starting this year, Brian Billick hands the clipboard to Chris Redman and gives Boller the ball. Defense is tough, but rookie QBs never lead to a winning season. (Except for Dan Marino)

23) New York Jets
Vinny and the Jets once again? Oh, oh....

24) Dallas Cowboys
Bill Parcells is the new sheriff in town and he won't put up with the problems that have plagued this team. That goes for you too Jerry Jones...

25) Washington Redskins
Year two of Steve Spurrier's kinetic offense. Needs probably another year to take.

26) Jacksonville Jaguars
Let's hope all of those collapses in training camp stop happening.

27) Houston Texans
Franchise is on the right track in year two. Charlie Casserly looking like a genius now that Drew Henson has (smartly) decided to give up baseball and start throwing the football around again.

28) Minnesota Vikings
Need running attack to balance out the offense.

29) Detroit Lions
Now lets see what Lions can do with a good coach at the helm.

30) Chicago Bears
How long until the Rex Grossman era? I say around week nine...

31) Cincinnati Bengals
Only the hope of Carson Palmer and Marvin Lewis keep the Bungles from the bottom.

32) Arizona Cardinals
Oh Emmitt, what the hell were you thinking?

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