Will 108 be anything like 104?

For the past 107 seasons I have been a die-hard fan.<br><br> Of?<br><br> The downtrodden San Diego Chargers, the miserable Toronto Maple Leafs, and the forlorn and cursed Anaheim Angels.

I had personally rooted like hell for these guys for 103 seasons without so much as ONE freaken championship!

Calm down... deep breath... ok...

Last year the ONE team I NEVER thought would win it all rewarded me with a season that, if I had not already been following them since I was 8 years old, would have made me fall in love and call this team my own last year.

I had grown to believe that the Angels & I were both cursed, and I have to tell you that I had no idea how they would do last year until... somehow the planets just lined up.

They started out awful, and it wasn't until they had pulled even that I got this feeling...

I don't know any other way to describe this feeling other than I just started to... believe.

It started when they responded to adversity.

I started to believe in team 104 when they started to believe in themselves.

No amount of brushing your teeth after each punt or mentally deflecting field goals from 2000 miles away through your television set will affect anything until your TEAM believes.

Now these Chargers are a very young team, and I have seen, read and absorbed about as much information on the Lightning Bolts during the off season, as a fan can possibly store inside of a brain shaped like mine, and I have to tell you that I still have no idea of what to expect.



Everything I really need to know about this team should be on display this Sunday now that the GAMES are over and the WAR begins.

Until then I know nothing about them.

What I HAVE recently learned is that when I think back over my previous 106 seasons as a die hard, I come to one thing that stands out...

Now that I can die in peace, it was not really about winning a Championship so much as it was about the SEASON that took me there.

A season like that makes it all worthwhile.


Kickoff is approaching... I have to mow the lawn backwards.

Gary Molyneux can be reached at DrMesmetism@aol.com

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