What a game?

What a game! One of the best I have seen in a long time. The defense was solid, the offense was a little off, but you have a young Quarterback so you cannot say much. Other than that, they held one of the best Football teams out there to under 200 points. <br><br> Obviously I am not talking about the Kansas City Chiefs vs. San Diego Chargers game. That game was over at Halftime.

No, I was talking about the San Diego State VS Ohio State Game, which was a lot more entertaining than the Chargers game. Since this is a Charger website, I will have to talk about this fiasco of a game, and I do mean Fiasco. The Chargers did nothing right, dropped Passes, missed tackles, ok, I am wrong, there were a few good plays, but they were made by the Chiefs.

David Boston was nowhere to be found. The Chargers forgot how to run the ball and the offensive line that was so taunted, by me even, they could not block a wall if it was standing still. Amazing to me, how this team was not able to move the ball downfield. I am not going to go into details; other writers on here will do that. What I do want to talk about is this: Reche Caldwell is not a number two receiver, Eric Parker should be. Brees got lucky in only throwing one interception, as much as he was running in the back field today.

No questions were answered today. None, if anything, there were more questions.

Who is going to be the # 2 Receiver next week should be the first one answered.

I truly believe if Parker played the whole game, David Boston would have been open a lot more. Boston was draped over and double teamed all day, because the other receivers did nothing to make the Chiefs worry about covering them, they dropped everything.

The next question they should answer is what happened to the running game.

You have one of the top runners in the league and you don't even use him. LaDainian Tomlinson got a few nice runs when given a chance, but the Chargers hardly ran him, and I said it last year and I will say it again this year, LT is not big enough for short yardage running; they should have used Andrew Pinnock. Isn't that the reason why he was drafted? He was active today and went unused when they needed him most.

The best thing about this game is that it is only one game. They still have 15 to go, and hopefully most of these answers will be taken care of and the Chargers will have a good year. If not well there is always the Aztecs, they sure played one hell of a game against the defending National Champions.


Quentin Jammer got the first interception of his career, in his 15th game.

Kicker Steve Christie's extra point in the third quarter was the 400th of his career.

Defensive Adrian Dingle was credited with two sacks, but the second one should have gone to Marcellus Wiley, or at the very least they each should have half a sack.

The Chiefs have outscored the Chargers 201-73 over the last seven meetings at Arrowhead, all wins for KC.

Former Charger Trent Green is 5-1 in his career versus San Diego.

Priest Holmes passed Mike Garrett for fifth place on the Chiefs' all-time rushing list.

Johnnie Morton caught his 500th career pass on a third quarter reception.

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