Defense, Defense, Defense!!

I was anxious to watch the Chiefs vs. Steelers game today. I wanted to know if the Chiefs were as good as they looked or if the San Diego Chargers were as bad as they looked. What I saw was a Chiefs team that totally dominated a very good Pittsburgh team and a team that could of beat any other team this Sunday. What I saw was a Chiefs team with a totally revamped defense from a year ago, and they looked terrific.

I was a little excited to see this, thinking if they dominate the Steelers like that then, maybe, the Chargers did not play as bad as they looked last week.

Then the Broncos came to town and Clinton Portis lit up the Chargers for over 100 yards rushing and he was not even out of the first half yet. The Chargers, who could not contain Priest Holmes last week, could barely get a glove, hand, foot, or any other part you use to tackle, on this kid. It was not until an injury took him out that the Chargers were able to stop this offensive terror.

I know in my last article I said, "Give this defense a chance." I know I said, "This defense is young", but I do recall I also said that Dale Lindsey was not the Defensive Coach for this team. Once again the Chargers proved they were not only young, but incapable of stopping the run.

What was the saddest thing about this game? Well that is easy. It was that our defense gave them great field position all day with penalty after costly penalty.

When they were not getting penalized they were being run over and ran around as if they were a group of college kids that were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Quentin Jammer on a third and 18 was called for pass interference. Quentin Jammer would be flagged for two pass interference calls on this day and his counter part Sammy Davis one, but they only allowed Rod Smith to catch 5 balls for 71 yards and Ed McCaffrey only caught 1 ball for 5 yards. So it is not like the young defensive DBs gave up a whole lot of yardage today, what killed them was not being able to stop the run.

The linebacking play was abysmal and could get worse if Donnie Edwards' hamstring injury is worse than at first expected. Changes have to be made, once again there was no pass rush, and once again a running back ran over them as if they were standing still.

What happened to the defense that for years would never allow a 100 yard rusher, let alone 2 to do it back-to-back?

Where is Joe Pascale? Where is that aggressive, attacking defense? When they were attacking they held the Broncos to punting, which was not often since they scored on 7 of their first 8 drives. What happen to the blitzes? Where are the stunts? Where, oh, where, is the attacking defense that took chances. You can not expect these young DBs to do it alone. If there is no pass rush, then there is no way they can keep a handle on all these receivers for very long.

How many times in the chat rooms today did I see someone ask where the Attacking Charger Defense is? How many times did we hang our heads and scream, "what the heck is going on?"

Abysmal, that is all I can say about this defense.

If the Chargers have any hopes of salvaging this team, then they better start attacking. Let it loose. The offense will hold their own if the defense holds theirs. Once again the Chargers fell behind, and once again there is nothing they could do to catch up because our defense could not stop the other teams' offense.

Let's hope that there are changes in the air, if not, then the Chargers are in for a long season and all those Broncos fans that called me an idiot would be absolutely correct.

At least they sure have made me look that way after the first two games.

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