Dr. J's NFL Rankings 9/16/03

That sound you hear are the drums of the gallows that are being played in Philadelphia and San Diego for Andy Reid and Marty Schottenheimer. They may not hear it, but the fans certainly do...

1) Buffalo Bills (2-0) Last Week: 2nd
Team is clicking. Handed Jacksonville worst home loss in history.

2) Kansas City Chiefs (2-0) Last Week: 4th
Chiefs fall behind early, but come roaring back to blowout Steelers. Could be a VERY big year in the Show Me State.

3) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1-1) Last Week: 1st
Man whose job I wouldn't want right now, Richard Bisaccia, special teams coach for the Buccaneers.

4) Seattle Seahawks (2-0) Last Week: 5th
Defense forces 6 turnovers including 4 on Cardinals' first 4 possessions.

5) Carolina Panthers (2-0) Last Week: 11th
I've never seen a team preserve a game the way the Panthers' special teams did on Sunday.

6) Miami Dolphins (1-1) Last Week: 7th
Texans may have given Dolphins wake up call they needed.

7) Indianapolis Colts (2-0) Last Week: 18th
Colts showing some teeth on defense. Tony Dungy's magic at work.

8) New York Giants (1-1) Last Week: 8th
After an incredible comeback, special teams fails them once again at the most inopportune time.

9) Green Bay Packers (1-1) Last Week: 9th
Favre back in form, not flashy, but wins.

10) Oakland Raiders (1-1) Last Week: 10th
Silver and black dodge a big time bullet.

11) Tennessee Titans (1-1) Last Week: 3rd
Air McNair grounded again? Not for long as his past history indicates...

12) Philadelphia Eagles (0-2) Last Week: 6th
The only people feeling worse than Charger fans are Iggles fans...

13) Denver Broncos (2-0) Last Week: 19th
Clinton Portis and Jake Plummer both get knocked out, luckily for them, they were playing the Chargers...

14) Minnesota Vikings (2-0) Last Week: 24th
Vikings balance out offense, Randy Moss has an average day, but it doesn't matter.

15) St. Louis Rams (1-1) Last Week: 13th
Rams nearly pulled out a loss from the jaws of victory.

16) Washington Redskins (2-0) Last Week: 20th
Looks like Steve Spurrier's Fun and Gun offense will work in the NFL.

17) Pittsburgh Steelers (1-1) Last Week: 12th
Pittsburgh offense still flying high, but can't stay with Chiefs.

18) Baltimore Ravens (1-1) Last Week: 26th
Jamal Lewis called his shot?? An amazing day for a power back with speed.

19) Atlanta Falcons (1-1) Last Week: 14th
Falcons blow big lead at home, denying Dan Reeves 200th career win.

20) San Francisco 49ers (1-1) Last Week: 15th
Jeff Garcia is a career 1-6 against the Rams and winless in St. Louis.

21) New England Patriots (1-1) Last Week: 22nd
Signs of the one time Super Bowl champions appeared once again. Pride is a good thing in the NFL.

22) New Orleans Saints (1-1) Last Week: 23rd
Team finally awakens on offense.

23) Dallas Cowboys (1-1) Last Week: 29th
Are we witnessing the coming of age of Quincy Carter?

24) Detroit Lions (1-1) Last Week: 21st
Lions were game for a while, but youth and inexperience cost them the game in a tough place to play.

25) Cleveland Browns (0-2) Last Week: 16th
Run defense non-existent. Kelly Holcomb not moving the team, could be time for Tim Couch again.

26) Jacksonville Jaguars (0-2) Last Week: 25th
Jags are never in the game on their way to worst home loss in history.

27) Cincinnati Bengals (0-2) Last Week: 32nd
Gotta give credit where credit is due. Bengals came to play, but just came up short.

28) New York Jets (0-2) Last Week: 28th
Would you believe that Vinny Testaverde became just the 9th quarterback in history to pass for 40,000 yards in a career on Sunday?

29) San Diego Chargers (0-2) Last Week: 17th
Horribly pathetic on both sides of the line. Can't rush the passer, can't protect the passer.

30) Houston Texans (1-1) Last Week: 27th
Have never won two in a row ever.

31) Chicago Bears (0-2) Last Week: 31st
Bears stop Randy Moss, but can't stop anyone else on Vikings' offense.

32) Arizona Cardinals (0-2) Last Week: 30th
You think the Chargers had a bad home opener, the St. Louis Cardinals outscored this team on Sunday...

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