Dr. J's Mailbox – September 19, 2003

Yes, it's back! Due to popular demand, and in some cases as you will see unpopular demand, the Mailbox is back and there's a running theme here: everyone thinks I'm an idiot. This must be what Ted Leitner feels like all the time. I'm with ya Teddy! I feel your pain…

Dr. J,

Rarely do I take time to actually email people my thoughts; however, i just couldn't resist when i saw your picks for week 3 and more importantly your record from last week. First, I do give you credit for being honest enough to display your record. Although, if you go 7 and 9 and to this date are 2 games over .500 then clearly you really should look for another career guy. How did you get this far? No offense but do society a favor and find something more constructive to do with your time. Oh and if by some miracle you turn out to be correct on that crazy monday night pick, I will send you an email taking everything back I just said, along with my week 4 picks before you send out yours.

John Roehl

I love how people commend you for your honesty and then slam you for being honest.

Well John, I'm sensing that some math is in order. A 7-9 finish last week meant that I had to have a 10-6 finish in opening week in order to have a cumulative 17-15 record overall. Not bad if you ask me.

As for your Broncos. No doubt, you and your team have a lot of reason to be proud. But certainly you must feel that your team has not yet been tested against a proven team. Cincinatti and San Diego are hardly teams worth mentioning. The Raiders on Monday Night represent the Broncos' first real challenge of the year. I think your team will play them tough, but I think that this is the kind of game that the Raiders just love to win. Spoil a hot team on a good start in their home opener on Monday Night after looking vulnerable the last game. If there's anything that Evil Al loves, it's his team in the spotlight.

Just what the hell happened to the Chargers? Damian McIntosh can't block, David Boston looks like a bust, and LT couldn't run. And worse yet, this supposedly improved defense looks like garbage. Is this as bad a team as it looked?

Les in Santee

The problem is, Les, the Chargers didn't want to use the "R" word when describing this team when in reality, rebuilding is exactly what they are doing. This defense is young, and right now, horrible. I don't know if it will get better, but there's certainly some talent on that side of the ball. What bothers me more is that the team has looked totally unprepared in two weeks. Is it the scheme or the players not executing the scheme? Right now, I think it's a little of both…

What has happened to Kurt Warner? Are we watching him flame out before our eyes?

Bill in San Diego

Well Bill, I've never been a fan of a guy losing his job due to injury, but I guess for Kurt Warner, it has come full circle. When healthy, I still think he's capable of leading this Rams offense like he did in their Super Bowl years. The problem is, when he's in the game, Mike Martz wants to pass on every single down. There's not the same balance on offense as there was in 1999 when Dick Vermeil was in charge. I blame Mike Martz for this…

The Raiders barely squeak a win over the hapless Bungles and you rank them 10th and the Broncos 13th, you have no idea what your doing, how did you get this job?

James Mulnix

Well James, you're certainly entitled to your opinion. But the Broncos have soundly beaten the Bengals and the Chargers, two teams without a win yet this season. I'm just not a believer in Jake Plummer. Even though his QB Rating jumped 100 points against the Chargers, he was way off target on a lot of his throws. His accuracy has just never been there. Their interior linemen are the weak point of the defense and a power running attack could exploit that in the future. Until the Broncos establish themselves against the better teams in the NFL, I'll take a wait and see attitude. Take it from someone who has watched the Chargers in the last two seasons, it's not how you start, it's how you finish…

I have discovered a typo on your latest NFL rankings list. Somehow the Philadelphia "holy crap we only have one Donovan McNabb" Eaglets (0-2) are listed above the Vikings (2-0), Redskins (2-0), and Broncos (2-0). I thought I would point this out to you as I know you could not have intended the Eaglets to be ranked so highly.

Toby Thorp
Montrose, Colorado

All sarcasm aside, Toby, I've already explained my take on the Broncos. As for the "Iggles", I can't quite figure out what is going on. Philadelphia was my pick to win the Super Bowl this season, mainly due to a healthy Donovan McNabb. He's healthy, something is not quite right. His accuracy is off and he seems less inclined to move out of the pocket. The Redskins haven't yet faced a team with their #1 QB and will be tested against the Giants this week. The Vikings have been very impressive in their two wins, but I want to wait on them and see if that defense is as good as it's been. I get the feeling that they are playing over their heads right now. But we'll have to see.

I wonder what prescription you are giving yourself when you pick the Raiders over Denver? You must work for Uncle Al, the Raiders are playing with no heart on offense. We can't expect the defense to play 45 minute a game! I like your rating system, but don't get diluted about your picks.

Jim Foster
Raider fan since 1969

Now that's a first! Someone actually accusing me of being a Raider homer! From a Raider fan no less!

I'll agree Jim, that the Raiders still look like they are suffering from Super Bowl hangover, but this is typically a game that the Raiders win. They limp into hostile territory on Monday Night against a hot team in their home opener and nobody gives them a chance. I don't think the Raiders are dead just yet and can certainly put it together for one Monday Night appearance.

Besides, the x-factor here is Jake Plummer. He has been less than stellar in the first two games of the year, and don't let that 100 point jump in his QB rating against the Chargers because he was way off target on many of his throws downfield, and will be facing a tough Raiders defense. It will be close, but I still think the Raiders will win this week.

I can't believe that they actually post your incoherent ramblings on the web anywhere. That's brilliant ranking the Eagles (0-2) over the Broncos(2-0). Especially since the Eagloes have been blown out twice and the Broncs have blown out two teams. It's obvious to me that your head fits snugly up your ass.

Dave Hoblick

Well Dave, the Broncos have blown out the Bengals and the Chargers while the Eagles have lost two home games to the last two Super Bowl Champions. Besides, the last time I checked, a team didn't win the Super Bowl after just two weeks. That's pretty obvious to me, or is that what you guys do in Denver? After four Super Bowl losses and two great wins, I figured that you all would know better than that.

I think the Chargers have to win in order for them to get the new stadium. I wouldn't want my money to go toward these losers.

Bruce in San Diego

Bruce, I'll put it as simply as I can. If the Chargers got a new stadium, the NFL would put them in the regular rotation for the Super Bowl. If you wouldn't want to see between $200M and $300M get poured into this local economy every four or five years, then you and the rest of this city would be the losers…

Denis Savage responds to Bruce:

You aren't Bruce Henderson...are you?

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