Dr. J's NFL Rankings 9/24/03

Is the Dr. J curse intact? The second #1 named in three weeks falls again. So please stand and applaud as we welcome the new #1....

1) Kansas City (3-0)
Last Week: 2nd, Defeated Houston 42-14
Chiefs haven't been sorely tested yet, get one in a pretty good Baltimore defense this week.

2) Tampa Bay (2-1)
Last Week: 3rd, Defeated Atlanta 31-10
You gotta love Warren Sapp. Dances and celebrates a TD in the end zone and has enough leadership to tell a rookie to knock it off when the game is in hand.

3) Seattle (3-0)
Last Week: 4th, Defeated St. Louis 24-23
Team comes of age with a late win at home against tough division foe.

4) Miami (2-1)
Last Week: 6th, Defeated Buffalo 17-7
Ricky Williams, the definition of a workhorse. 42 carries, 153 yards. That's just 3.6 YPC.

5) Buffalo (2-1)
Last Week: 1st, Lost to Miami 17-7
Bledsoe limited to just 98 yards passing. Defense wears out under punishing running attack.

6) Carolina (2-0)
Last Week: 5th, Idle
Panthers ready to take command of division early.

7) Indianapolis (3-0)
Last Week: 7th, defeated Jacksonville 23-13
Colts overcome shaky first half with defense carrying the load.

8) Denver (3-0)
Last Week: 13th, Defeated Oakland 31-10
Broncos pass first real test of the season with flying colors.

9) New York Giants (2-1)
Last Week: 8th, Defeated Washington 24-21 in OT
Team traditionally proud on defense is currently dead last in NFC.

10) Minnesota (3-0)
Last Week: 14th, Defeated Detroit 23-13
Culpepper gives up body for win, may be out with cracked bones in back.

11) Tennessee (2-1)
Last Week: 11th, Defeated New Orleans 27-12
McNair became the 5th QB in history to notch 20,000 yards passing & 3,000 yards rushing, all with a badly dislocated finger on his throwing hand.

12) Philadelphia (0-2)
Last Week: 12th, Idle
Could be staring 0-3 in the face going to Buffalo this week.

13) Washington (2-1)
Last Week: 16th, Lost to NY Giants 24-21 in OT
Redskin fans know that with this passing offense, team is never out of game.

14) Pittsburgh (2-1)
Last Week: 17th, Defeated Cincinnati 17-10
Steelers revert to smash mouth football again to win.

15) New England (2-1)
Last Week: 21st, Defeated NY Jets 23-16
Team coming back strong after opening day blowout, but injuries mounting on defense.

16) Baltimore (2-1)
Last Week: 18th, Defeated San Diego 24-10
Team was hardly impressive, but a win is a win.

17) Green Bay (1-2)
Last Week: 9th, Lost to Arizona 20-13
Something just not right with the Pack. Could be the fall from grace everyone expected.

18) Oakland (1-2)
Last Week: 10th, Lost to Denver 31-10
Suddenly, defending AFC Champs look even older than roster indicated.

19) St. Louis (1-2)
Last Week: 15th, Lost to Seattle 24-23
Now will have to do it without Marshall Faulk, not that Mike Martz was running the ball anyway.

20) Cleveland (1-2)
Last Week: 25th, Defeated San Francisco 13-12
Cardiac kids wait until last ten minutes of game to get moving on offense.

21) New Orleans (1-2)
Last Week: 22nd, Lost to Tennessee 27-12
Deuce McAllister held to just 15 yards rushing and defense allows Titans to convert 57% of 3rd downs.

22) Dallas (1-1)
Last Week: 23rd, Idle
Parcells gets another shot at yet another one of his former teams, the Jets.

23) Atlanta (1-2)
Last Week: 19th, Lost to Tampa Bay 31-10
Falcons trying in vain to become power running team without Michael Vick.

24) San Francisco (1-2)
Last Week: 20th, Lost to Cleveland 13-12
When it's the offense and specifically the passing game that struggles in San Francisco, there are major problems.

25) Detroit (1-2)
Last Week: 24th, Lost to Minnesota 23-13
Team gets out to fast start, but, just like a young team, gives up too many big plays and blows big chances.

26) Arizona (1-2)
Last Week: 32nd, Defeated Green Bay 20-13
Team pulls a shocker in front of more Packers fans than Cardinals fans in Arizona.

27) Cincinnati (0-3)
Last Week: 27th, Lost to Pittsburgh 17-10
They may be 0-3, but there are actual signs of life on this team, especially on the defense.

28) Jacksonville (0-3)
Last Week: 26th, Lost to Indianapolis 23-13
It's already a topic in Jacksonville, Mark Brunell or Byron Leftwich?

29) New York Jets (0-3)
Last Week: 29th, Lost to New England 23-16
Don't blame Vinny, Jets have rushed for 143 yards combined. Worst in the NFL.

30) Houston (1-2)
Last Week: 30th, Lost to Kansas City 42-14
Expansion blues continue, but team is still ahead of schedule.

31) Chicago (0-2)
Last Week: 31st, Idle
Woeful Bears host struggling Packers on MNF.

32) San Diego (0-3)
Last Week: 29th, Lost to Baltimore 24-10
Something new seems to fail them each week. 3-0 lead was their biggest of the year and it lasted one minute and three seconds.

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