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Dear Readers: <br> Thank you so much for all of your letters. I truly do appreciate them. Especially those that continually question my intelligence and tell me to do something that is anatomically impossible…. <br><br> Much love, <br> Dr. J<br><br> And now, on to the mailbox!

Way to rank a team that lost to the TEXANS above the 3-0 Broncos, who have DEMOLISHED every team they have played thus far. I really wish that your power rankings did not come up on my computer anywhere because it pisses me off every time I see your column because I realize that someone who obviously knows ZERO about football is making money analyzing the game. Booooooo on you.

Dave Hoblick

I'm sure you have been so busy playing around with these rankings that you have failed to read the Sports Page...Dallas(#22) beat the Giants(#9) who beat the Redskins(#13)...do you have any part in preparing our national budget? You sure are creative in your figures.

Jimmy Maroney

Okay guys, it looks like some of you need some lessons in handicapping. This is not like mathematics. A plus B does not always equal C. Case in point: The Texans beat the Dolphins, who in turn beat the Bills. Does mean the Texans are better than the Bills? Would you put money on that? If you would and you have that kind of linear thinking, then I'm not the fool here…

And for those Broncos fans getting really excited, their opponents are a combined 1-8. Yes, Denver has been impressive, but we aren't even through one 4th of the season and the Broncos have still to face Kansas City twice, Pittsburgh, Minnesota, New England and Indianapolis. They are a hot team, there's no doubting that, but if I were in Denver, I wouldn't be standing in line for Super Bowl tickets just yet…

Just read your weekly rankings. I am a die-hard Raiders fan - always have been, always will be. How can you justify ranking the Raiders so high? Yes, I typed that right. I have seen all three games this season. The Raiders are completely out of wack - especially on the O-Line, coaching, and w/o #84. If you watched the game in Denver on Monday, then you know that the running game was showing signs of life. With about 10 minutes to go in the 4th, following the blocked punt that put the team on the 10 yard line, the Raiders choose to pass four times! Holy moly! Did you see the HUGE gap the Denver D was leaving in the middle of the line... ON EVERY DOWN! Two Mack trucks could have run through that. Yet, the coaching staff, having little confidence in their line, called four pass plays. Rich Gannon should have checked down to a draw each time. Wheatly would have scored easily. Barry Sims needs to be benched. He has lost all confidence. And how evident has it become that Jerry Porter is DESPERATELY needed? Being a life long fan, I can honestly say, there is no way that the Raiders should be ranked - on any poll - higher than 25.

Ross Rehart

Looks like members of the Raider Nation have turned on their own. Don't forget, this Raider team was only 4-4 at the halfway point and looking up last season. Now, I'm not saying that history will repeat itself, but I'm not ready to count this team out completely. Yes, they are old and yes, they've looked horrible, but this is a veteran team that should know how to shake themselves out of their funk. But so far, I agree. This Raider team aged 5 years over the offseason.

Can a forward fumble be advanced by an offensive team? Don't they spot the ball at the point of fumble? That touchdown by the Raven's when Jamal Lewis fumbled the ball should have been called back. Have we not learned from the Holy Roller? No one even mentioned it. Am I wrong? Please explain it too me.

Steve Sayles

The Holy Roller turned 25 this year and it remains the best example of referee stupidity in NFL History, thus, the birth of this rule. Sorry Steve, the offensive team can have any player advance a fumble as long as it is not the last two minutes of the half or of the game, or if it is 3rd down or less.

So after further review, the play stands as called. Touchdown Ravens, 0-3 Chargers…

Yes, you're going to notice my bias as a Minnesota fan right away, but I'm not a football idiot like most of the people that probably email you.

Why is it that everyone sh*ts on the Vikings so much? They are 3-0, they have the 3rd best running game in the NFL (no one talks about this), and one of the better passing games. Even with Frerotte. No one gives Kelly Campbell the respect he deserves... he's an up and coming player with definite breakaway speed (good route runner as well). They have one of the biggest o-lines in the league, and they lead the league in interceptions. How in the WORLD could you rank them TENTH?? You honestly think they're worse than the giants?? Maybe Cleveland will crack your top ten next week. Watch out for the browns DOMINANT o-line. This is sarcasm, of course.

My second question is this: why does EVERY reporter in the world have a crazy obsession with Brett "the interception" Favre? When anyone else throws insane amounts of interceptions (see Kurt Warner and to a lesser extent, McNabb), people all of a sudden blame that QB and say, "he's lost his touch". But NOT with Farve... he's always the Hall of Fame guy who "just has bad talent around him". Who does McNabb have around HIM?? James Thrash?? That's their best??. That's a load of garbage. Favre WAS a great player, and is clearly a hall of famer, but he's nowhere NEAR his MVP form. his WR's may be less talented, but the reason he throws so many insane throws is because he thinks he's still in his prime, and can throw any pass, anywhere.

Just a Vikings fan who remembers a 15-1 season,
Jon Williams

The Vikings have been very impressive and other than the Sunday Night game in Week Two, I haven't had a chance to see one of their games on my dish this season. But from what I've seen, and based on their finish last season, they are definitely a team on the rise. The Viking offensive line is certainly talented, but I think they are still a little vulnerable to the outside pass rush with Bryant McKinnie struggling just a little bit. The defense is solid and I'll be keeping an eye on them…

As for the Packers, there are a lot of people down on them, and many of them are in the greater Wisconsin area. I think Favre gets the benefit of the doubt because, and I think even the staunchest Viking fan will agree with me, he's earned it. It seems as if the Packers have rotated their receiver corps every season and the timing between the quarterback and the receivers is crucial in this offense. The timing just isn't there yet and it's reflective on the Packers' record. But I'm not rallying for Doug Pederson to start and neither should any Packers fan…

David Boston was sent home from practice by Marty Schottenheimer for "personal reasons" which has now been revealed as a disciplinary action. Is this Ryan Leaf all over again?

Brian Braddock

God, I hope not. But it certainly doesn't look good right now. Boston hasn't been a team guy according to some reports since his Pro Bowl year in 2001. I absolutely hate guys like Terrell Owens and Keyshawn Johnson who promote themselves to death, but at least they produce and play within the team concept. I can grudgingly respect that. Boston hasn't shown me that and if this continues throughout the year, I wouldn't be opposed to his first year in San Diego being his last.

When are the Chargers going to get a clue that Drew Brees is not the man? He's been just plain awful in three weeks, misfiring and missing open guys. I think it's time for Doug Flutie to get in there and show the kid how it's really done. What do you think?

Jose Raul Perez

For the last time, Flutie is not the player he was and frankly, wouldn't help this team on offense one bit. His time has passed and while a very valuable backup, he isn't the missing piece on this team. There are too many holes to fill and since he doesn't lineup on the defensive line or play linebacker, Flutie isn't the answer. As for Drew Brees, he had a horrible game against the Ravens, but I'm more than impressed by his decision making out there. His arm isn't like John Elway's, but if his arm is so weak, then why did Reche Caldwell and Tim Dwight have passes bounce off their chests against the Chiefs and Broncos?

It's easy to blame the QB, but try looking at the whole game next time to see where the problems really lie with this team.

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