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His fate was sealed. He was to be suspended for one game and at or around 7 AM, David Boston would have found out. Alas, he skipped the morning meeting scheduled with Marty Schottenheimer. <br><br> "He was going to be suspended no matter what," Marty Schottenheimer said. "His not showing made it easy."

We all knew he played to the beat of a different drum, but Boston may have saved his worst for last. Not meeting with Schottenheimer in the morning shows a lack of commitment to the team. Many fans emailed me to say, "I would rather go 0-4 and teach Boston a lesson, than have him play and win."

Nip it in the bud is the thought process. Looking at the list of recent activity from Boston, those shears better be sharp. There is a lot of nipping to do.

The suspension to David Boston was termed, "Detrimental to the team."

"There were a number of different circumstances that have taken place, and you all are aware of several of them," Schottenheimer said during a news conference Thursday. "It was time. I'm a tolerant guy, to a point."

How many lessons are left? Obviously, he is not hanging out with the rest of the team on his time off. He isn't hanging out with them on the practice field or in the game either.

"This one-game suspension is the result of a pattern of conduct in which David failed to comply with team policy," Chargers coach Marty Schottenheimer said. "This series of recent incidents -- including some in which David has missed or been late to mandatory team activities -- needed to be addressed."

"We have certain standards that we set and we're going to have our people, coaches and players alike adhere to those policies and standards," Schottenheimer said. "The conduct is not acceptable. This doesn't make David Boston a bad person. I think he's a good person. But we do things differently here maybe than they do other places."

Monetarily, the suspension means little to Boston. He will lose $32,352, or one-seventeenth of his $550,000 base salary for 2003. He signed a seven-year, $47 million contract that includes $12 million of guarantees and a 4.55 million signing bonus this offseason.

Coupled with an 0-3 season, the Chargers are looking to put the past behind them. There are whispers among those around the NFL that say the coaching staff needed to do this.

"This move was done not only because David Boston has been living in his own fantasy world, but also to give some respect back to the coaches," one AFC scout said. "Early on, nothing has gone right for that team and the noose is tightening."

Every week it seems something new is introduced to take focus away from the upcoming game. First Leonardo Carson is arrested; then Drayton Florence is sucker punched a week later. After a one week respite, Matt Wilhelm is cited for a DUI and now Boston has been suspended. Sprinkle in injuries to key offensive linemen, Toniu Fonoti before the season, Vaughn Parker now, and various other ailments and the team has yet to have a breath. The bye week is two weeks away and the season could be over by then – or just beginning.

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