So for those of you who did so well last week as I did so poorly, keep that saying in mind...=) ">
So for those of you who did so well last week as I did so poorly, keep that saying in mind...=) ">

Dr. J's NFL Outlook for Week Four

<b>Last Week:</b> (10-4) <br> <b>Season Totals:</b> (27-19) <Br><br> I guess I know what I'm doing after all, huh? No, no, no. As the saying goes, "Even the sun shines on a dog ass sometimes." <br><br> So for those of you who did so well last week as I did so poorly, keep that saying in mind...=)

Arizona at St. Louis
The Rams won't have Marshall Faulk to run the ball for at least four weeks, not that Mike Martz liked running the ball anyway. The Cardinals have been a little of a surprise this season, but the Rams should win at home. There's too much for the Cardinals to overcome on that Rams offense.

Cincinnati at Cleveland
The Browns stunned the 49ers on the road last week with a gutsy effort from Kelly Holcomb who as it turned out, broke his fibula during the game and may not be available for the game on Sunday. That may be the chance that makes me want to pick the Bengals to upset the Browns in Cleveland. Marvin Lewis has this team close to turning things around and despite their 0-3 record, they are in the top half of league on defense.

Jacksonville at Houston
Two teams waiting for the future. The Jags may be forced to rush their future because if Mark Brunell's elbow is not healthy, Byron Leftwich will make his NFL debut. Someone has to win this game, so I'll pick the Texans to win just on a lark.

New England at Washington
The Pats have picked themselves off the mat since getting drubbed by Buffalo on opening day and the Skins have come back big twice in two weeks. Patrick Ramsey looks like the real deal and Steve Spurrier has made me a bit of a believer. Redskins win a good game.

Philadelphia at Buffalo
What has happened to the Eagles? A preseason Super Bowl favorite has stumbled out of the gate. By contast, Buffalo roared out, stuggled a bit in a tough game against Miami, but should be able to handle a slumping Eagles defense. Bills win.

San Francisco at Minnesota
Minnesota is clicking, the Niners are clunking, and Terrell Owens is complaining, AGAIN... Vikings are the pick.

Tennessee at Pittsburgh
This could be the game of the day. The Steelers reverted back to a power running team last week against the Bengals, but I don't think they can do that against the Titans who held Deuce McAllister to just 15 yards rushing last week. I like where the Titans are offensively and so Tennessee is the pick.

Kansas City at Baltimore
Kansas City gets it's first test against a tough Ravens defense. Time for the Chiefs to show how good they really are. Chiefs win.

Atlanta at Carolina
The Panthers are the surprise of the year thus far and could take early control of the NFC South. Carolina will win.

Dallas at N.Y. Jets
Bill Parcells gets another shot at another of his former teams. And this one's not nearly as good as the one he faced last week. The surprising Cowboys get another win.

Detroit at Denver
Denver passed their first real test of the year with flying colors. I could see Denver taking it easy against the young Lions, but the Broncos will pull it out in the end.

ESPN Sunday Night Football

Indianapolis at New Orleans
Tony Dungy looks like he's built a defense in Indianapolis. Now, if he could only get Peyton Manning to stop letting the defense dictate what he does on offense and just run the play that's called. Colts win.

ABC's Monday Night Football

Green Bay at Chicago
After an inexplicable loss to the Cardinals, questions are surrounding Brett Favre's play, but the blame really lies with the defense. They failed to sack Jeff Blake and were shredded by Anquan Boldin and Bryant Johnson all day long. Still, I'm going with the Packers to beat the Bears although I believe that the Bears will be more than game to stick it to their old rivals.

And of course...

San Diego at Oakland
The only team that could be limping into this game worse than the Chargers are none other than the defending AFC Champion Oakland Raiders who have looked old, older, and done in the season's first three weeks. The question beckons, would you rather be old and suck, like the Raiders, or be young and suck, like the Chargers. I'll take the latter, thank you. If it wasn't for last Monday, I wouldn't have made this pick, but as it is, I'm picking the Chargers to win their first game of the year against the hapless Raiders. The Chargers have told themselves and anyone who will listen that they are improving. Let's see them prove it.

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