Dr. J's NFL Rankings 9/30/03

It's a tough top ten this week with teams moving down even though they won or were off this week! That's how impressive this top ten is...

1) Kansas City Chiefs (4-0)
Last Week: 1st, Defeated Baltimore 17-10
Dante Hall has his 3rd TD return in three weeks and Dick Vermeil gets win #100.

2) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-1)
Last Week: 2nd, Bye Week
Bucs gets some rest. Get a great test on MNF against Colts.

3) Indianapolis Colts (4-0)
Last Week: 8th, defeated New Orleans 55-21
Peyton Manning torches the Saints, breaks franchise record with 6 TD passes.

4) Seattle Seahawks (3-0)
Last Week: 3rd, Bye Week
Mike Holmgren returns to Lambeau Field this week.

5) Minnesota Vikings (4-0)
Last Week: 10th, Defeated San Francisco 35-7
Randy Moss makes it look easy, doesn't he?

6) Miami Dolphins (2-1)
Last Week: 4th, Bye Week
If anyone needed the extra week off, it was Ricky Williams.

7) Denver Broncos (4-0)
Last Week: 8th, Defeated Detroit 20-16
Broncos get a great game from Jake Plummer and a break from the officials.

8) Carolina Panthers (3-0)
Last Week: 6th, Defeated Atlanta 23-3
The perfect free agent pick for a team this season: Stephen Davis.

9) New York Giants (2-1)
Last Week: 9th, Bye week.
Get the Dolphins next.

10) Tennessee Titans (3-1)
Last Week: 11th, Defeated Pittsburgh 30-13
Steve McNair is nearly perfect (15 for 16), but it's timely defense and special teams that beat the Steelers.

11) Washington Redskins (3-1)
Last Week: 13th, Defeated New England 20-17
Team mismanages clock, gets a bad call, gets bad penalties at worst times, blows big lead, but still wins.

12) Philadelphia Eagles (1-2)
Last Week: 12th, defeated Buffalo 23-13
What's wrong with Donovan McNabb? Nothing, that's what.

13) Buffalo Bills (2-2)
Last Week: 5th, Lost to Philadelphia 23-13
Bills finding more defenses ready for their offense.

14) Pittsburgh Steelers (2-2)
Last Week: 14th, Lost to Tennessee 30-13
Offense outgains Titans 376 to 198, but turnovers kill.

15) Green Bay Packers (2-2)
Last Week: 17th, Defeated Chicago 38-23
Brett Favre spoils the new Soldier Field with his team's 10th straight win in Illinois.

16) Oakland Raiders (2-2)
Last Week: 18th, Defeated San Diego 34-31 in OT
Rich Gannon stops whining, leads team to comeback win.

17) St. Louis Rams (2-2)
Last Week: 19th, Defeated Arizona 37-13
Rams play ball control offense. Hold the ball for nearly 43 minutes.

18) New England Patriots (2-2)
Last Week: 21st, Lost to Washington 20-17
Pats played without nine injured opening-day starters, including three linebackers.

19) Dallas Cowboys (2-1)
Last Week: 22nd, Defeated NY Jets 17-6
Cowboys play Tuna Ball, rushing Troy Hambrick for 127 yards and force two fumbles on defense.

20) Baltimore Ravens (2-2)
Last Week: 16th, Lost to Kansas City 17-10
Ravens hold Priest Holmes to under 100, but can't overcome Kyle Boller's interceptions deep in Chief territory.

21) Cincinnati Bengals (1-3)
Last Week: 27th, Defeated Cleveland 21-14
Most impressive aspect of teams' win, their demeanor afterwards. They expect to win and be better.

22) Cleveland Browns (1-3)
Last Week: 20th, Lost to Cincinatti 17-10
Tim Couch fills in nicely for Kelly Holcomb, until his last pass.

23) Houston Texans (2-2)
Last Week: 30th, Defeated Jacksonville 24-20
A gutsy, gutsy, gusty and great call at the end by Dom Capers.

24) Detroit Lions (1-3)
Last Week: 25th, Lost to Denver 20-16
If not for a fumbled snap on a PAT, things might be different.

25) New Orleans Saints (1-3)
Last Week: 21st, Lost to Indianapolis 55-21
Team looked confused, lifeless and is playing without confidence.

26) San Francisco 49ers (1-3)
Last Week: 24th, Lost to Minnesota 35-7
I take back everything good that I've ever said about Terrell Owens. He is a selfish, whiny, little diva.

27) Atlanta Falcons (1-3)
Last Week: 23rd, Lost to Carolina 23-3
I guess they are a one man team after all.

28) Arizona Cardinals (1-3)
Last Week: 26th, Lost to St. Louis 37-13
Nothing works on defense for Cards.

29) Jacksonville Jaguars (0-4)
Last Week: 28th, Lost to Houston 24-20
Defense blows another lead.

30) New York Jets (0-4)
Last Week: 29th, Lost to Dallas 17-6
Jets finally moving the ball well on the ground, but bog down in the red zone.

31) Chicago Bears (0-3)
Last Week: 31st, Lost to Green Bay 38-23
Invited Dick Butkus to participate in pregame, should've given him a uniform too.

32) San Diego Chargers (0-4)
Last Week: 32nd, Lost to Oakland 34-31 in OT
Defense gives away another game and the NFL gives no points for a hard effort.

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