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In fairness, I imagine with all the insults hurled by commentators and sports writers since the 'Niners loss to the Vikings, it must be hard to be original. Yet I haven't found one with the courage to call Owens what he really is: washed up. If we take him at his word with regard to his work ethic, one really cannot draw any other conclusion. He can't seem to get open or hang on to an easy pass. He hasn't demonstrated the introspection and strong character which makes a talented player a great player. If San Francisco releases him, he will end up just another Keyshawn Johnson. Perhaps the most accurate word to describe Owens is now mediocre.

D. Kaehle
Nova Scotia, Canada

Terrell Owens may be a selfish, whiny, prima donna, but he is far from washed up. I believe that he can and still is one of the best receivers in the league. What bothers me about him is the way he continually separates himself from his teammates. When they win, it was because of him. When they lose, it was because of the coaches, the quarterback, the defense, etc. For a guy who is coming into a contract year and shows a flair for self-promotion, he sure doesn't know how to market himself very well.

As usual, the Broncos get no respect from anyone on the East coast.

Peter Lyman

I hate to break it to you Peter, but I'm on the West Coast. So the Broncos don't get any respect from this side either…=) To be fair, the Broncos have been very impressive thus far. But I will full reserve judgment until they reach the tougher part of their schedule. They get a big test this Sunday in Arrowhead Stadium.

I looked at your rankings of the NFL teams. I don't see how you can say that the Buccaneers are the 2nd best team in football. They're 2-1, with that loss being to Carolina, in which they looked real flat. The Colts and Vikings are dominating, Seahawks have looked good, Broncos are playing decent, i don't see how the Bucs can be #2. They're a good team, but i don't think they're that good.

-Ben Loewe

I think Tampa's flat performance in Carolina had more to do with the Panthers playing well defensively. Despite that, the Bucs were in position to win the game and would have won if not for the Panthers special teams. Besides, this defense is still the best in the game. I wouldn't count them out just yet this early.

You don't know anything about Terrell Owens. He is the man! The team is crumbling around him and all he wants to do is win! He's trying to make his team better, but they are too stupid to let him. If he were on the Chargers right now, you'd be praising him as a hero who's kicking some ass on that sorry team.

Jeff Tooley
Burlingame, CA.

If Terrell Owens is such a team first guy, then he wouldn't be berating his offensive coordinator on the sidelines in front of a nationwide audience and he wouldn't be calling out his quarterback who has been a big part of making him one of the most prolific wide receivers in the league. If he were a real team guy, he'd stop setting himself apart for them when they lose. He may say, "Nobody can ever question how hard I play. . . . I play hard, regardless. I'm a winner in God's eyes." But the last time I checked, the NFL didn't give wins to individual players.

Did you hear that Brenda Warner called another radio station to complain about the Rams and said that Kurt Warner might welcome a trade next season? Think there's anything to this?

Matt Stevens
St. Louis, Mo.

A player's wife complaining about her husband's playing time just does not endear the player to the locker room. As sexist as it may sound, something like that makes the player look weak. She cannot scream about Kurt Warner getting passed over because of injury because that kind of opportunity is exactly how her husband got to prominence in the first place. He's been hurt, he's been benched, and all things considered, he's been a pretty good teammate about it. The best thing he could do is keep quiet, keep his wife off the airwaves, and then quietly ask the Rams' front office for a trade in the offseason. There could be possibilities for him in Miami, Oakland, Dallas, or maybe even San Francisco. But this sideshow will only decrease his value…

I didn't realize you were a mad doctor.... How can you rationalize dropping Carolina 2 spots for dominating the Falcons?!?!? IMO, they are the defense to beat this year, not the Buc's. They already beat the Buc's!!!!! Miami and Tampa should both be lower than the Panthers with one loss apiece. Another thing, the Bronco's move up past Carolina after barely scraping by against an improving, but not "good", Detroit Lions team!?!?!? If anything I would drop the Broncos in the rankings for that game.

David Frazee
Philadelphia by way of Detroit.......

David, I love Carolina's defense, and it was very, very difficult to move them down the list, but their offense is still a question mark. They run the ball very well with Stephen Davis and I like Jake Delhomme and was curious why he wasn't named the starter from the beginning, but they are still somewhat of a mystery to me. But they are a team to watch, that's for sure.

I will state my affiliation to start and that is a Cowboys fan. I don't have any heartburn with the rankings - you may have the Cowboys too high as a matter of fact. However, I was looking at the rest of your comments and when I see you state "Jets finally moving the ball well on the ground, but bog down in the red zone.", I have to question whether you watched the same game I did. The Jets had essentially no ground game - 26 carries for 66 yards and you call this "moving the ball well"? The Cowboys defense shutdown Curtis Martin and his fumble - great play by Roy Williams - was the end for the Jets.

Dan Harmon

The Jets at least made a concerted effort to run the ball, unlike previous weeks. They needed to get back to some basics and tried to do so against the Cowboys. It just didn't work out too well. But if they are asking for Vinny Testaverde to throw 50 times a game in order for them to win, it's going to be a long season.

You can take back everything you said about owens, but someday when the 9ers get a good o line and some good coaching, you will see that Owens is still the best receiver in the league. At least he didn't write a book about getting the ball thrown to him, or he hasnt hurt anyone physically, there is much worse going on out there. Owens always wants to play and to win, unlike a certain "I play when I want to play" Randy Moss


Owens is one of the best receivers in the league already. And he didn't need to write a book or hurt someone physically to show his character, his actions speak loudly and clearly what kind of a person he is. As for Randy Moss, he and Owens are both cut from the same cloth, but in the end, who had the better game and thus, the last laugh?

Like the standings and agree with most of it except the bottom feeders. The Bears should be somewhere below NIU. At least San Diego put up a fight. The Bears have not even been close in any games this season.

BTW, my Saints need to be down too. Giving up 55 points to anyone desreves to be pimp slapped. Will trade Haslett for Jauron anyday. Just leave Shoop in his playpen

Mark Gilbeaux

The Saints are perhaps the biggest disappointment this season. There's far too much talent on that team for them to be playing with so lethargically and so apathetically. I'm not sure what the problem is, but I think the team may be tuning Jim Haslett out. If Haslett is removed, and if I were Saints management, I might go after Nick Saban before the Bears do.

As for the bottom rankings, whether it's Jags, Jets, Bears or Bolts, or Jets, Bolts, Jags, and Bears, isn't that kinda like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic?

First time I've seen your column...........Do you think the Skins will remain around your Top 10, also thoughts on Ravens moving up to same area and how Boller will progress. Would also be interested in your top 3 picks for teams covering the spread for this week's upcoming games.

Rick from Baltimore

Thanks Rick, welcome aboard. I think Washington has played well thus far, but won't make the playoffs this season. There is plenty of talent on both sides of the ball and Patrick Ramsey has been very impressive, but I don't know if they can keep it up just yet. I want to see how they do when they face the Eagles, Bucs, Bills, Seahawks, Panthers, and Dolphins on their schedule.

As for Kyle Boller, the jury is still out. He's got an arm, that's for sure. But like most rookie QBs just starting out, he'll struggle mightily for a while.

I do write my NFL Outlook article once every week on Friday's and post it on the Insiders Sports Network originating at http://chargers.theinsiders.com, so please feel free to look there for my picks. And that goes for all of you readers too!

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