0-4... Where do we go from here?

Looking at the San Diego Chargers remaining games, I can actually see a future, and it's looking a little bit brighter. It all starts this week in jacksonville.

Swami time...

@ Jacksonville - W 1-4


@ Cleveland - W 2-4

Miami - L 2-5

@ Chicago - W 3-5

Minnesota - L 3-6

@ Denver - L 3-7

Cincinnati - W 4-7

Kansas City - L 4-8

@ Detroit - W 5-8

At this point the Chargers might have a legitimate shot at 8-8, provided they are truly improving and playing their best football at the end of the year.

Green Bay - Winnable

@ Pittsburgh - Winnable

Oakland - Winnable

This crystal ball thing is both an example of how the Schedule gets softer for a prolonged stretch, and how the Chargers match up against their future opponents, personnel wise.

I don't really expect things to work out this way, I'm simply demonstrating what is realistic, despite the awful start to this season.

I predicted an 0-4 start before the season, and I was also pretty optimistic about this team improving towards an even 8-8 record. I still think 8-8 is a fair possibility, IF the Bolts continue to work to get better.

I would have been thrilled with a win Sunday. Not only because it's the Raiders, but we would have been ahead of my own modest expectations going into this season.

Above all, I want to see the kids play, because the future is now.

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