Chargers Week Five Report Card

At least they can't lose next week. <br><br> At 0-5 the San Diego Chargers are searching for answers. They haven't won since an overtime victory against Denver. In fact, they have not even won a game in regulation since October 13th, 2002. The last three victories the Chargers had have all been in overtime. David Boston tried to carry the team on his broad shoulders, but he could only do so much. The grades are in…


Drew Brees threw the ball well after the first quarter. He missed three easy marks in the first and settled down once he started going exclusively to David Boston. Three TDs and no picks while behind most of the game was solid, not leading them to victory when it was apparent he was the man today was not. Kudos to Brees for completing as many as he did. He was under pressure all day long.

Grade: B


LaDainian Tomlinson had just ten carries on the day. Ten carries. Fourteen total touches is not the answer in San Diego. That is an automatic loss for the Chargers. The game was relatively close most of the game and when Tomlinson runs, so does, generally, the Chargers offense. Tomlinson continues his trend of a bad game after putting up more than 150 rushing yards the week before. Lorenzo Neal's two yard reception was the highlight for this unit. He shouldered no less than two Jaguars and got into it with a third. That emotion needs to be seen more from the entire team.

Grade: C-


David Boston was the receiving corps. His 14 catches for 181 yards speaks volumes of his talent level. Throw in three TDs for the unit and they did their part. A dropped pass by Tim Dwight was not on the agenda and Kassim Osgood took a lick on an attempted reception after showing some spirit on special teams.

Grade: B+


Antonio Gates has one reception and it likely cost the Chargers a chance at a win. With the Chargers down by three and driving on the first series of the third quarter, Gates fumbled inside the Jags 10 yard line. The Jags went on to score off that turnover. Was Justin Peelle in the game?

Grade: F


Phil Bogle looked like a rookie in the first quarter. He was getting whipped by Marcus Stroud. He came back strong on his blocs before wearing down in the fourth quarter. Bob Hallen had his worst game as a Charger. Two penalties and countless mental mistakes haunted him through the day. Luckily an injury cut his day short. Kelvin Garmon continues to hurt the team with penalties. Damion McIntosh was so bad in the second half, he was benched in the fourth quarter in favor of Courtney VanBuren. Brees was sacked four times and pressured on about 20 others.

Grade: F


Jason Fisk had his best day in Blue. He had five tackles, was the reason Marcellus Wiley got his first sack of the season and recovered a fumble. Ray Lee Johnson looked like a fresh young buck when he replaced a struggling Adrian Dingle who got clipped and left the game. Wiley is still not showing much. Still they did not pressure a young QB enough to make any errant throws occur.

"I was very pleased with the rush yesterday," Marty Schottenheimer said.

Grade: C+


This was perhaps the linebackers most active game. They are getting better up the middle, are still slow to react to runs going to the outside but along with the defensive line kept big plays to a minimum. The longest run of the day was 12 yards. What they did not do was tackle when the game was on the line. A screen pass to Fred Taylor going 60 yards is not something to be proud of.

Grade: C


Rookie quarterback Byron Leftwich throws for 336 yards and needs just 19 completions to do it in. Sammy Davis was terrible and got beat with regularity. Watching Davis try to tackle anyone is downright scary. A unit that needed to step up against a rookie did no such thing. They played back on their heels and showed no attack on the ball. Kiel saw his first action of the year in the secondary and was a non-factor. Were Kwamie Lassiter and Jerry Wilson even out there? Vernon Fox was more visible than either of them – a bad sign.

"We are struggling. We gave up over 10 yards a pass attempt," Coach Schottenheimer said. "That is not acceptable."

Grade: F


Kickoff return coverage as solid, but what else can we expect when Christie pops them up in the air 15 yards shorter than any kicker in the league. Bennett was his usual fairly consistent self. Two inside he 20, but one 37 yard punt in the end zone I one they could have used a bigger boot on. Kickoff returns were terrible. Jesse Chatman and Leon Johnson scare no one.



Passing against a team that is stout against the run was not a bad gameplan. Not getting more touches for Tomlinson was not a good plan. The team goes as Tomlinson does. Without consistent pressure up front, Leftwich had a field day. Blitzes were never concealed and disguising them is the best way to confuse a young QB and force quick throws which can be picked off. Not challenging the Gates fumble was a bad call. Regardless of whether he was out of bounds or not, stalling the emotion in Jacksonville on the big turnover deep in Jags territory would have been worth a lost timeout.

Grade: C

Injury report:

"Bob Hallen has to have an examination on his peck," said Schottenheimer. Hallen will be evaluated this week and his return following the bye is in question. Solomon Page will return by then.

"Eric Parker aggravated a shoulder," Schottenheimer said. Parker will be reevaluated later in the week.

"Josh (Norman) will probably be able to do some things this week. Reche (Caldwell) is back running routes," said Schottenheimer. "He is obviously not catching the ball. Josh is probably the furthest along to be ready for the upcoming ballgame."


The players have off Friday through Sunday with a work day Monday, off Tuesday before starting preparation for Cleveland on Wednesday.

The 2005 Super Bowl in Jacksonville has a new mascot: Scoop the Pelican.

Scoop made his debut Sunday at the halftime show of the Jaguars game against the San Diego Chargers.

The pelican -- which has a yellow face and blue eyes -- will wear casual shorts and a jersey with the logo of the Jacksonville Super Bowl Host Committee.

Scoop beat out several other proposed mascots, including a shrimp, a sea captain and a manatee.

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