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There is growing dissent in San Diego. The Chargers are contemplating change. Marty Schottenheimer spoke yesterday with reporters and would not rule anything out. The problem: it may not be his decision to make soon.

The Spanos family met last night to discuss the future of the San Diego Chargers, and more specifically, the future of Marty Schottenheimer as the coach. Any time an owner sits down with his top people to discuss the head coach is not a good thing. Considering the top guys for the Chargers are members of the Spanos family is even worse.

Rumor is Spanos is willing to pull the trigger. The Spanos family desperately wants to field a winner and still feel they have the components to rebound. Marred in an 0-5 season, the move must be made now, or not at all.

Players are miserable and furious at the coaching regime. A couple of players have already gone to AJ Smith to voice their displeasure.

One player viewed in high regard has personally gone to Smith to request a change be made now. He was so adamant he requested out of San Diego if no change was made.

If a change is made now, and speculation has the decision arriving within the next day, the only available option of merit may be Dennis Green. Eric Allen is close to Green and says he wants back in coaching. Having roots in Del Mar, Green is not detached from the happenings in San Diego and would be a logical successor. He already has a beat on the team and his nest on the West Coast would make him the ideal replacement, a short hop away.

One thing is certain, if Marty Schottenheimer is fired it will be this week and not likely during the rest of the season.

Schottenheimer said just yesterday, "I have never had a concern in any other place I have been (about getting fired), I have no concern here."

He also admitted he has not done everything to put this team in position to win. "I am the last guy to look at myself in the mirror every night. I always ask myself, ‘Have you done everything today that might help us become better.' On occasion, I am sure I have said, ‘No, I haven't.'"

We speculated on him signing his own death warrant yesterday and today events have transpired to make that threat seem real.

It has been nine games since the Chargers won and fifteen games since the Chargers didn't need overtime to secure a victory. Tomorrow could bring a new light to San Diego and a new coach. Then the palate will be truly clean coming out of the bye week.

In other news, the team is shopping punter Darren Bennett. The team would like to go with Mike Scifres the rest of the way and rumor has New England among the interested parties. The 38 year old punter has still shown he has an adequate leg, but a fifth round draft pick sits while Bennett holds the starting job.

The trade deadline is October 14th.

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