Dr. J's NFL Outlook for Week Six

<b>Last Week:</b> (7-7)<br> <b>Season Totals:</b> (46-28)<br><br> That's not a drink, that's my record last week.

Carolina at Indianapolis
The Colts pulled out a miracle on Monday night, will there be a hangover? They better hope not because they are meeting a defense that is perhaps the equal of the Buccaneers. This should be a great game. The Colts win and stay undefeated.

Chicago at New Orleans
On the other hand... Bears win.

Houston at Tennessee
The Titans took one on the chin thanks to lapses on their special teams. They need a win to keep pace with the Colts. Tennessee beats a pretty good Texans team.

Kansas City at Green Bay
Is the Pack back? If they can move the ball on the ground, they are. The Chiefs need to fall out of love with the pass and start giving the ball to Priest Holmes more. Favre played well against Seattle, but this Chiefs defense is playing much better. Chiefs win another close one.

Miami at Jacksonville
Sorry Jags, but Miami ain't San Diego. Dolphins win.

N.Y. Giants at New England
Giants have questions to address on defense. The Patriots are answering their doubters loudly and clearly. Patriots win.

Oakland at Cleveland
Tim Couch is playing well, the Browns are moving on offense, and the much maligned defense is playing better. The Raiders just look old and look older every week. Browns win a close game.

Philadelphia at Dallas
Surprisingly, the Cowboys are #1 in total offense and #3 in total defense in the NFL. As nice as that sounds, none of those stats were against a team the caliber of the Eagles. Bill Parcells' team will keep it close, but I think the Eagles will pull it out in the end.

Tampa Bay at Washington
After blowing a 21 point lead with 4 minutes to go in the game, the Buccaneers defense must be just ready to take it out on someone and quickly. Enter the high flying Washington Redskins who run perhaps the most kinetic offense in football. I don't think the Bucs will have a problem with motivation, do you? Bucs win.

Baltimore at Arizona
As soon as the Cardinals show some signs of life, they flatline again. Think retirement looks better and better for Emmitt Smith each passing week? Ravens win easily.

Buffalo at N.Y. Jets
The Bills have found teams catching up with their offense. The Jets have their backs to the walls, but are still dangerous despite their record. This game could be closer than many people think. Jets win in an upset.

Pittsburgh at Denver
The Steelers haven't fully decided if they are a power running team, or the East Coast answer to the Rams. Worse yet, they may not be fully sold on Tommy Maddox as their QB. Denver missed chance after chance to win in Kansas City last week, but should be focused at home. Denver beats a staggering Steelers team.

ESPN Sunday Night Football

San Francisco at Seattle
Was Seattle exposed last week? They allowed Green Bay to score on their first 5 possessions. Are the Niners back? Terrell Owens and Jeff Garcia reportedly patched up their differences over breakfast before their game against Detroit. I say no to both questions, so I'm picking the Seahawks to win.

ABC Monday Night Football

Atlanta at St. Louis
Yawn. Just another reason to allow the NFL to have a flexible schedule. Rams win even without Kurt Warner or Marshall Faulk.

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