Tid-Bolts and Top 8

How bout a victory parade for your San Diego Chargers? How long has it been since Charger fans have felt that "I'm invincible, my football team won today" feeling? Try December 1, 2002 when they beat the Denver Broncos in overtime last season.


So everything is hunky dory in Chargerville, right? The team's gonna go on a streak and win 8 more of the 10 remaining games and maybe have a shot at the playoffs, right? Not so fast as question marks are still abound. Penalties and mistakes continue to haunt this team on Sundays. 12 penalties for 97 yards against the Browns. Balance on offense has been about as elusive as Ladanian Tomlinson. Drew Brees, who still must prove he is the future at quarterback, has not done so yet. The defense performed the best it has all season yet almost collapsed when Kelly Holcomb entered the game. How about the well publicized boneheaded play action call on 3 and ½ a yard at the goal line? Tomlinson was absolutely ticked and had every right to be. A report came out that LT left the Charger facility on Monday and was apparently ticked about something. The million dollar question is what was he mad at? The Chargers won a game and the new heart and soul of the team is unhappy about something. Just doesn't feel right.

It's on to Monday Night Football. The Chargers coming off their first win. The Dolphins coming off a heartbreaking overtime loss. One thing that stood out in Cleveland was the fire that the Chargers played with. They played like they wanted to punch someone in the mouth. Come Monday night, those fists better be clinched yet again. Ricky Williams hits back. The Dolphins will be steamed coming off a home loss to a divisional opponent and we all know that Junior Seau guy will be fired up.

It's time for some others to follow LT's lead. He wears his heart on his sleeve and backs down from no one. The Dolphins play great defense, so what. Do you think LT doesn't believe he can gash them just like any other defense? It's hard to imagine LT getting 25 carries in a football game and not breaking at least one. It doesn't matter who is on the other side. Was Cleveland the wake up call that the team needed? This is a running football team. It would be a shame to see LT get only 12 carries on Monday Night Football. This is a Ladanian Tomlinson powered offense. Keep it that way.

TOP 8-Where the bolts can only wish they belong.

1-Minnesota Vikings (6-0)-Can anyone stop Randy Moss?

2- Tennessee Titans (5-2)- McNair looks poised to take his team deep into playoffs.

3-Kansas City Chiefs (7-0)-Undefeated, slightly lucky. Defense still a question mark?

4-Denver Broncos (5-2)- Adversity about to test this team. Tough when healthy.

5-Carolina Panthers (5-1)- Cinderella finally turned into a pumpkin. Remember the Titans?

6-Indianapolis Colts (5-1)-Don't forget the Colts. They'll be back.

7-Seattle Seahawks (5-1)-Winning the tough ones also.

8-Dallas Cowboys (5-1)- Are the Cowboys that good? Or is Parcells that good?


New England Patriots (5-2)-Belichick at it again.
St. Louis Rams (4-2)-Back on the radar screen. Thanks to Marc Bulger.

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