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Just for the record, it's too much to ask for the Marlins to win the World Series, so I'll say that the Damn Yankees will win in 7 and televisions across the country will tune out and watch VH1's "I Love The 80's Strikes Back" instead…

Why isn't the sports world crucifying Junior Seau for what he said to LT? It was even more racist than the horrible thing Rush said on ESPN!

Jon Lodge

That's because it wasn't even on the same level. What Rush Limbaugh said about Donovan McNabb was an insinuation of two things, either that the media handles black QBs with kid gloves because they can't handle the criticism, or that black people get special treatment in this country because they are black. It sounds resentful of both the "liberal media" and of blacks in general. And in either case, Rush is just plain wrong. I don't remember any Steelers or Bears fans or media in Pittsburgh and Chicago laying up on Kordell Stewart because he's African-American. He gets pounded on in the media daily because he just plain stinks as a QB in the NFL. It doesn't matter anymore. You are either good and you get praise, or you stink and you get ripped.

What Junior Seau did was bring the locker room humor into the public. It was in reference to their actual dinners that they had on Fridays (and still do) at Charger camp. It was a poor choice of words and insensitive, but his intent was not harmful. Junior Seau is an American Samoan who grew up in Oceanside, California. In case you are unfamiliar with that place, let's just say it isn't exactly Beverly Hills.

Rush was resentful, Junior was joking. Neither was racist in the traditional sense, but it's all about the intent.

I hate to belabor a point, but in reviewing your comments to Amy regarding Donovan McNabb's statistics you lost track of the issue at hand. The issue that Rush Limbaugh brought up, regardless of how tactfully or untactful he did so, was that Donovan McNabb is overrated and that Philadelphia has been winning games because of their defense. To make the point as you did, that "...his intangibles outweigh his statistics."...is ignoring the statistics. Having a great defense to keep the other team from scoring, and in the Eagles case, that also scores a lot on its own is hardly an intangible attribute of a QB. He just happened to be fortunate that his team had a stellar defense.

Brian Fidler

To quote Al Pacino, "Every time I think I'm out, they pull me back in!"

There is no doubt that the success of the Eagles in the last three seasons is due in large part to their defense which has ranked 6th in 2002, 7th in 2001, and 10th in 2000. But take a look at these statistics and see how important McNabb has meant to the offense:

Philadelphia 2000 (17th on offense)Total YardsTouchdowns
Team Totals526834
McNabb Totals (Rushing and Passing)399427
McNabb's Percentage76%79%
Philadelphia 2001 (18th on offense)Total YardsTouchdowns
Team Totals492333
McNabb Totals (Rushing and Passing)371527
McNabb's Percentage75%82%
Philadelphia 2002 (10th on offense)Total YardsTouchdowns
Team Totals560442
McNabb Totals (Rushing and Passing)274923
McNabb's Percentage49%55%

That being said, McNabb's struggles are a big reason why the Eagles are only 3-3 thus far this season. If it's a thumb problem, then Andy Reid would be wise to sit McNabb down and hold him out until it's fully healed. I don't want to see another Kurt Warner type of collapse for McNabb in Philadelphia.

You said in your rankings that basically the Cowboys have no roster. What then do you call this: Good offensive line, Dan Campbell (one of the best blocking TE's in the league), WR's Galloway, Bryant and Glenn, FB Richie Anderson, OK no RB, Defensively, Safeties Roy Williams, Darren Woodson, new #5 overall pick CB Terrance Newman, DT La'Roi Glover, DE Greg Ellis, LB's Al Singleton from the Champion Bucs, Dexter Coakley and overachieving Dat Nguyen. Good punter Tobey Gowin. Those are just a few of our top players but you say we don't have TALENT. That is what you basically said in those rankings. God, have some courtesy for the players that do try their 100% and to only get bashed by you and other media types for nonsense like this. In my opinion, we have a very good roster. Not great, but good.

Brian Rivera

Read my column again, Brian. Read it carefully. What I was trying to emphasize is the impact that Bill Parcells has had on this roster. I didn't say they had "nobody" and I wasn't bashing them. Other than Al Singleton, Terrance Newman, and (ahem) Toby Gowin, isn't this essentially the same roster that finished 5-11 under Dave Campo last season? The biggest move this offseason was the release of Emmitt Smith.

Every roster in the NFL has talented players, but it sometimes takes a great coach to get them to win. Parcells has them believing in his system, and has them winning.

I wanted to get your opinion on the utterly pathetic state of the Miami Dolphins. Week after week, I watch as this team shows up and hopes the other team makes more mistakes then they do. Can you please explain to me why Dave Wannstedt is still employed as a coach in this league? We have to be one of the worst coached and undisciplined teams in the league, continuously showing a lack of discipline and focus that is just unforgivable. Despite having one of the more talented teams in the league, we barely beat the weak teams, and always find a way to blow the tough ones.

John Billetdoux

I don't know what to think of the Dolphins. They've got one of the most talented defenses in the NFL, and yet I've seen them get victimized by big comebacks including the Monday Night Madness against the Jets a few years back. They've got Ricky Williams who led the league in rushing last season, and yet, their running game is struggling this year. But they've got some offensive line problems to go along with their complete inability to move the ball in the air.

I have been a Charger fan my whole life (32 years old), but I just can't understand why there are a losing team year after year. With all the excitement this offseason with their free agents signings and draft picks, I really did believe that this year would of been different. Who or why do you think deserves the blame this year?

Mick Michalik
Frustrated Charger Fan

Mick, to be fair, the Chargers are very young and with youth comes inexperience and often times mistakes. But if you must lay blame on someone, blame Marty Schottenheimer, Dale Lindsey, the defensive coordinator, and Cam Cameron, the offensive coordinator. They've had some incredible brain lapses when it has come to schemes, play calling, and in game adjustments.

When is the media going to get off of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Defense??? They keep touting them as ONE of the BEST if not the BEST EVER. Just because you are supposed to be a GREAT DEFENSE does not make you one. They have done nothing this season to get them any credibility at all. The OT loss to the Colts, the loss to the 49'ers. This Defense is B rated at its best.

Bryan Yaninek

The Bucs don't need anyone making excuses for them, but there are some injuries on that defense, most notably, John Lynch at linebacker and Brian Kelly in the secondary. But to say that this defense is just "B" rated is simply wrong. This team proved that they are one of the best defenses in football over the last five years and cumulated in last year's thrashing of the Raiders in the Super Bowl. You may not like the Bucs, but that doesn't make them a BAD football team.

I must agree with your short, somewhat poetic verse on Dan Reeves. I am a very die-hard Falcons fan (a malady from which I've been resurrected almost every Sunday since I 1970, when I was first afflicted). I can not help it. But, I too believe the game has out grown Dan. Why have a hoss like TJ Duckett in the backfield who wants the rock and can tote it like the Bus in Pittsburgh, and not use him? Dan keeps saying, 'it's hard to get anybody involved when you can't get anything started.'

Shane Dial

The Falcons' season pretty much ended when Michael Vick went down and the fans, players, coaches, and even the front office probably knew it. But I've always been wary of Dan Reeves' coaching style, especially after his dealings with John Elway in Denver. Will he try to fit a square peg into a round hole when Vick returns or has he learned his lesson? Time will only tell. But if the past is any indication, there may be dark days ahead.

Nice to throw in your unneccessary opinion of the team that has won the most championships in the major 4 sports...lets keep football rankings to include football opinions, huh?

Keith Yarnall

Don't you mean, "Bought the most championships?" Or should I say, "Pillaged and raided other teams on their way to the most championships?" Which do you prefer?

You are truly one of my favorite all-time athletes because you never faked the funk on a nasty dunk. But I was just wondering, do you consider yourself a 76er or a Net?

Thad Rizzi

I've always been partial to my time as a Virginia Squire. Didn't you just love my "rock the baby to sleep" dunk over Michael Cooper at the Spectrum in 1982?

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