I'll be Back in my Old 55...

I told my Boss that I couldn't come to work next Monday because I would be drinking beer all day in a parking lot.<br><br>

The shock seemed to work in my favor.

Since your Boss already knows you aren't really sick, why not arrive early to celebrate at the Church of Monday Nite Football?

It might provide the necessary hangover needed to cover your illness stories for the next day.

Worship services will begin around 8 AM, and probably even before the gates open.

Former Charger great Junior Seau has provided a theme for this tailgate meal, fried chicken & watermelon.

Now Junior's recent comments didn't really bother me, because they didn't bother LaDainian Tomlinson.

I can accept the fact it was a joke between the two.

Some people can't, but that is the price of making a personal comment in a public forum.

I will be coming to San Diego not only to get drunk, but also to honor Junior, who I have admitted to naming small animals after.

Hopefully, our famous son will get some love from the fans when he exits the southwest visitor's tunnel for the first time in his illustrious career.

It will be as strange for him as it will be for us.

If you were considering wearing your # 55 and decided against it, consider it again.

What better reason is there to wear it one last time, than to honor a man who left so much of himself out on our home field?

Personally, I'm hoping for a tremendous standing ovation before the game... Though once the game starts, he is on his own.

Gary Molyneux can be reached at DrMesmitism@aol.com

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