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They say talk is cheap and the only thing that matters is results. So after a San Diego Chargers win in Cleveland the talk has suddenly turned to a Credence Clearwater "Revival". What is all the ‘commotion' about?

"Our goal is to go 11-0," wide receiver David Boston said.

As long as I can see the light is the motto as players are starting to get through to head coach Marty Schottenheimer – who coincidently seems to have actually taken some advice from his troops.

Still it doesn't seem likely, as the Chargers tried like hell to make sure someday never comes, with a load of second-half mistakes in Cleveland and the tombstone shadow was lurking in an effort to make sure they remained winless. They were lookin for a reason alright.

But teams can do funny things when getting a dose of confidence, and everyone knows the NFL doesn't administer style points. The Chargers, won, that's the main thing. Proud Mary finally showed her face in last Monday's press conference from Schottenheimer, but unbelievably more questions were asked about this coming game than the week they won.

Down on the corner, San Diegans are getting their #55 jerseys ready to wear because Night time is the right time for football. Monday night football that is.

LaDainian Tomlinson is hoping to run through the jungle that is the Miami Dolphin defense. Tomlinson was born to move and will truly be tested this week. His track record is impeccable. Give him carries and he finds a way to break one.

"He's a talented back," Chester Taylor said of Tomlinson. "He has the capability of breaking one at any given time. We have to be on top of our game as far staying in our gaps, gap control and pursuing strong to the ball. If you can't guys around him, he'll make guys miss one on one. He's big trouble for guys. We have to get as many bodies as possible to him when he touches the ball."

While LT is doing his best rendition of I put a spell on you to the Miami defense, Drew Brees will be looking to go downfield for the first time in what seems like years.

"Drew Brees does a good job in finding his receivers," said Zach Thomas. Anyone can find a receiver Zach, but will he actually deliver them the ball in stride?

Could the Chargers actually be saying don't look now at the end of this week with a two game winning streak? Good Golly Miss Molly!

Not so fast, you weren't born on the bayou, or were you?

Ricky Williams is headed back to his stomping grounds humming have you ever seen the rain now that he is in Florida. The answer is no, we haven't and we need it now. Williams, like Seau considers himself a San Diegan:

"I think I always will. That is where I grew up. That's where I have my fondest memories so I will definitely consider San Diego my home, probably for the rest of my life."

The fortunate son is coming home to San Diego. He is the most loved football player to ever don the blue and gold.

"People here don't realize but, if you look at the way Dan Marino was here, Junior (Seau) was that at the very least," said Williams. "Imagine Dan Marino playing for the Bills and coming down here. IT would be incredible and that is how it's going to be like for Junior."

Junior Seau's team has problems of their own, but they can't compare to the Chargers just yet.

"Last year, we were able to make a couple of the big plays," Jay Fiedler said. "Not even necessarily the big plays, but the drive-saving plays, the 10- to 15-yard gains that gets momentum going. This year, it's been a struggle and something we have to clean up. We have to play with more confidence. We have to believe we can go out there and do it."

Fiedler may not even play this week as the Fish are looking to bootleg and put Brian Griese in. Back in Miami, fans may again hate life when the midnight special rolls around.

Do the Chargers build on the win and mount a comeback that could ultimately save Schottenheimer's job? Or is this just another case of a bad moon rising?

Ninety-nine and a half won't do, the Chargers must give 100%.

As Seau put it, "Come Monday night at 6:00 (PST) it going to be definitely different."

If they win this week, behind an emotional return of a fan favorite, could they set about and start Tearin' up the country? In a winning effort, the Bolts hope Seau will take it like a friend. No hard feelings, the Chargers need this win. Marty Schottenheimer needs this win. The fans are tired of feelin' blue. Wins remedy all the aches and pains and make Monday's, and in this case Tuesday, bearable.

If you are in San Diego, a Charger fan, and not at the game, you should check yourself right out of California. This is the game to watch. Don't be the one to have hear it through the grapevine around the water cooler on Monday.


With fires raging through San Diego County, this could all be moot. Qualcomm Stadium has already been setup as an evacuation center and the devastation this has wrought should bring a tear to your eye. We here at SD Bolt Report wish everyone health and safety above all else.

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