Chargers Game Moved to Tempe, AZ

<b>Updated 7:00 PDT:</b> The San Diego Chargers game has been moved to Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe, Arizona with fires touching all parts of San Diego County. Qualcomm Stadium has been setup as an evacuation point and it is now estimated 5,000 people have arrived as of the 6:30 hour and the number is increasing exponentially. The game tomorrow between the San Diego Chargers and Miami Dolphins will now be played in Sun Devil Stadium at 6 PM PDT.

San Diego Mayor had asked the NFL to cancel the Monday night game at Qualcomm. The team and league have since complied.

"We are still in a crisis situation. We do not need people on freeways," he said. "We need people to stay home."

Joe Browne, the NFL's executive vice president, said Sunday the league had spoken with Chargers officials about the conditions and the decision has been made to move the game to Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe, Az.

NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue ultimately made the call.

Chargers general manager A.J. Smith said team officials were on a conference call with the league and moving was the best option.

"We can move real quickly," AJ Smith said.

Fourteen deaths have been reported from the fire and the only freeway that has remained open is "the 5" a north south highway that connects LA to San Diego. Flights have been delayed up to 12 hours from Lindbergh Field.

The NFL has some pull to get the teams to Tempe, but it is unclear just how they will do that with the delays at Limbergh Field. Ironically, Miami finally arrived from Pheonix into San Diego late Sunday afternoon.

It has also been reported that winds have died down and wind shifts are not expected. That is the first piece of good news on the day.

There has been an evacuation announcement for the Kearney Mesa area. It is not known if it is a mandatory evacuation right now. The fire has moved to Convoy St, north of 52, in a move by the fire department to stop the fire from spreading. Aero Drive, about a mile from the stadium is still intact.

The Red Cross has now setup camp at Qualcomm and is doling out food and water to anyone who comes by. Shelters will be set up as needed and the Red Cross will direct it as night falls.

Fires are wreaking havoc on the area and the sky is a strange hue of orange with an estimated 150,000 acres having suffered so far. Ash has touched down as far as 30 miles away from the edges of the fire and the health risks to all are a concern. A state of emergency has been activated for Southern California and Qualcomm Stadium is closer than three miles away from the fires at this time.

Sizeable embers are being picked up by the strong winds and thrown to other previous safe areas.

SD Bolt Report's main concern is the health and safety of everyone in the path of this catastrophe. The game becomes secondary.

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