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Much is being expected of this Monday night's showdown between the San Diego Chargers and the Miami Dolphins. Some are expecting emotions to run wild when Junior Seau makes his return to the backyard where he made himself famous. Others are expecting an epic battle between two of the NFL‚s premiere running backs; LaDainian Tomlinson and Ricky Williams. However, not Junior nor LT nor Ricky will be the story of the game.

For when the all is said and done, and it is time for John Madden to name the horse trailer player of the game, David Boston will be the only name on the lips of all those in attendance.

The fact of the matter is there's a reason the Chargers let Junior Seau go. He is a great man and a great leader, but the truth is he is no longer a dominant force on the field. Age has sapped his speed and his now injury prone self is too proud to not fight through his various ailments. He is no longer a difference maker.

LaDainian Tomlinson will be facing the number one ranked Dolphins rush defense; a defense that is the only one in the NFL to allow an average of three yards or less per rush. While LT is, in my opinion, the most talented man in the NFL – running straight into that brick wall of a defense is playing right into the hands of the Miami Dolphins strength.

Ricky Williams' task will not be much easier. The Dolphins anemic passing attack has caused Williams to face constant eight man fronts, resulting in a 3.4 yards per carry average. That is embarrassing to a back of Williams' talent level. Expect the Chargers to keep Kwame Lassiter and Terrance Kiel in the box in an attempt to produce similar results.

This game is set-up for a David Boston explosion. While the Dolphins secondary is loaded with big names, it matches up very poorly against the dynamic Boston. Miami safeties Brock Marion and Sammy Knight lack the foot speed to assist the Dolphins corners in double covering the 4.37 Boston. In fact, lack of speed in the Miami secondary is the primary reason the Dolphins are currently ranked twenty-ninth in the NFL against the pass, allowing a generous 243 yards per game.

This is the exact reason the Chargers threw the bank at Boston. They did not expect Marvin Harrison or Randy Moss type numbers from him, because this team is built around LT. The reason he was signed was because as great as LT is, a defense as talented as the Dolphins can take the running game away from any foe, and when the time comes such as this, where a team dares the Chargers to pass against them, Boston must step to the forefront. Last year, the Chargers were dared to pass by Miami, and as a result the Chargers aerial ineptitude shined through and the Bolts were demolished by twenty-seven points at the hands of the Dolphins, 30-3.

The Dolphins will again dare the Bolts to pass. This is especially true after seeing what LaDainian did to Cleveland last week. This year, however, the Dolphins will bite off more than they can chew. David Boston is now healthy. He is trying to prove to the world that he was not a terrible signing. He is motivated by his miniscule role in the Chargers first win last week.

David Boston can be a headache. He has multiple character issues, and has a plethora of off the field concerns. But while the always-negative San Diego media focuses on these facts in a clear attempt to create a story, they ignore the most important fact about the man. David Boston is one of the most talented wide receivers in the NFL. He has the size, speed, hands, and desire to dominate.

That domination will begin this Monday. David Boston will surpass one hundred yards and catch at least one touchdown. He will make people wonder how Sam Madison and Patrick Surtain spend so much time in Hawaii. And most importantly, he will lead the Chargers to victory.

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