Staying Their Hand

Teams across the country turn to their second quarterback to give the team a boost. Occasionally it is the third quarterback who gets the start. The San Diego Chargers are staying pat...for now.

As the Chargers look toward Chicago, they wonder if the Windy City will give their Brees a lift.

Quarterback Drew Brees continues to struggle, as the team's seasons circles the drain. Not only were they demolished by the Dolphins on Monday night, 26-10, but the game also featured another low point for Brees.

The second-year starter had three more interceptions, with no touchdown passes. That increased his season showing to seven scoring passes with 11 interceptions.

Anyone knowing how coach Marty Schottenheimer constructs his teams, realizes that won't fly. His mantra of taking care of the ball and minimizing mistakes is in stark contrast to the kind of season Brees is in the midst of.

Schottenheimer, though, declined to insert backup Doug Flutie into the fray, despite the lifeless Chargers being down 24-3 at half.

"Because Drew Brees is our quarterback," replied Schottenheimer, when pressed on why he didn't make a switch. "I think you know me. I'm not a guy who changes quarterbacks."

But if Brees continues to fade, he might not have a choice.

Lightning Strikes:

"Some guys, I look in their eyes and it's just like they don't want to be here." -- RB LaDainian Tomlinson, on various teammates not all that upset with the team's play.

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