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Parts of southern California are in a state of emergency. Wild fires have taken many parts of this Golden State by storm, some have lost their homes and others their lives. Sometimes nature shows its ugly face and really puts things in perspective for you. Suddenly, the struggles of the San Diego Chargers on a football field pale in comparison to the struggles of homeowners who no longer have homes...

Before we get in to football, I'd like to take a moment to send my condolences to those who have lost a home or more importantly a family member, friend or neighbor in these trying times. It's also important to thank and appreciate the brave men and women who risk their lives to battle the flames. You people are heroes!!!


Football. A game of blood, sweat and guts. A game where playing as a team is absolutely crucial to success. With all the mayhem in San Diego, Monday nights game between the Chargers and Dolphins offered a brief chance to forget about the devastation caused by the fires. If Charger fans had hopes that the fires would be a rallying cry for their home team the hope was short lived as the Chargers played like the Chargers and lost for the 6th time this season.

For the bolts there were a few good individual performances in Tempe but the subpar play of the team as a whole make it a mute point. What's really disturbing is Lisa Guerrero reporting that David Boston stated that the team doesn't prepare like it wants to win. What? Well there's a red flag if I've ever heard one. Maybe THAT"S why they're 1-6.

When a football team is 1-6 the entire organization opens itself to criticism. Especially a 1-6 team that had its fans thinking playoffs. The season wears on and so do the questions. Is AJ Smith a legitimate general manager? Is Marty Schottenheimer right for this team? Is Drew Brees ever going to escape this funk and if he does is he good enough? Will they ever find an offensive line that can pass block? Isn't it possible to run from a passing formation or pass from a running formation? If you saw the telecast against the Dolphins, they had none other than Mr. San Diego himself- Junior Seau miked up. On one play Seau screamed to his teammates before the ball was snapped: "We got a run, we got a run"(referring to a running play). The ball was snapped and sure enough... hand off to Tomlinson for no gain. The offense is so predictable that any casual fan can tell if it's run or pass, not to mention someone who's been through as many wars as a warrior like Junior.

The defense deserves some credit, specifically the rush defense. Great job on Ricky Williams(69 yards). Donnie Edwards is really starting to come on- 9 tackles and the forced fumble that led to the Chargers only touchdown. Even Ben Leber and Zeke Moreno were plugging holes and shooting gaps. The pass defense was a little too loose in their zones but the defense as a whole played good enough to win. My, how the tables have turned.

Next up for the Chargers is a trip to the windy city as they get ready to take on the Chicago Bears. Should be an evenly contested game this time around as the Bears are a little more on the Chargers level. Tomlinson VS Urlacher is about the only thing that is appealing about this barn burner. The Chargers on offense are becoming difficult to watch, if Drew Brees can't get teams to respect his ability to hit one behind the defense we could be looking at 1-15 all over again..

Top Eight

1- Tennessee Titans(6-2)- When McNair is healthy this may be the best team in football.

2-Kansas City Chiefs(8-0)- I'm starting to believe. Has the magic this year.

3-Minnesota Vikings(6-1)- Welcome back to Earth.

4-Indianapolis Colts(6-1)- Rebounded from Carolina loss.

5-Tampa Bay Bucs(4-3)-Still the Champs.

6-St. Louis Rams(5-2)- Marc Bulger = more hand offs to running backs = a much better football team.

7-Carolina Panthers(6-1)- Strong defense and running game will get them to post season.

8-New England Patriots(6-2)- They ain't pretty but they get the wins.

Close but no cigar

Seattle Seahawks(5-2)
Miami Dolphins(5-2)
Dallas Cowboys(5-2)
Baltimore Ravens(4-3)
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