Flutie or Brees?

Everyone knows the one guy who is a bit crazy. The drumbeat in his head is a little different, and it can be scary sometimes. No matter how much Karate you know, the crazy guy with the baseball bat will usually win since he is unpredictable. San Diego Chargers quarterback Doug Flutie may be that guy.

Flutie has that added dimension that even Brian Urlacher acknowledged. "We knew we had to watch the (bootlegs). With him in there, you never know what he is going to do. He did a great job when he came in – just ran through us. We knew he was going to run the ball and boot when he was in there."

Doug Flutie or Drew Brees? Which quarterback will start at home against the Minnesota Vikings this week? The San Diego Chargers are a top that has spun downward. They have been able to do nothing right. The veteran Flutie realizes his role and publicly acknowledged the need for Brees to stay in the lineup. That would be the right move.

"There is no doubt in my mind Drew Brees has all the ability in the world to be a superstar in this league," Doug Flutie said. "He is the number one guy and he will bounce back next week."

Marty Schottenheimer has given his own Karate chop to that, despite a week ago deciding to not pull Brees in the midst of his worst game as a Pro:

"We are not getting the kind of production we need in the passing game," said Schottenheimer.

Flutie hit every receiver at his disposal. He says it was easy because he was sitting on the sidelines watching and was able to determine what looks they are giving.

"Struggling a little bit, feeling like the weight is on your shoulders, can affect the way you play. Being on the sideline you can sit back and just watch and see. It is a lot easier coming off the bench after you have been watching what has been going on for a couple quarters.

"I said to Drew, ‘Maybe pull you out for a series and let you step back on the sidelines and take a look when maybe you are not seeing things clearly or things aren't going well.' I know for a fact, after I went in, I am sure he got a chance to step back and look and say, ‘ok they are doing this – ah they are playing that way on the outside.' And those things can register a little better and then go back in and go get it. In this league and the way things work, you can't do that. You feel like the teams losing and I got to go do something more."

Pressing. Brees said this past week that it was part mental. His "Brees" was unable to clear the clouds in his head. Brees must be the answer. If he isn't this team will be myriad in another rebuilding phase and the City cannot take much more. Fans are tired of watching the team play uninspired football. It all starts at the quarterback position.

"Drew will bounce back and come back and get it next week," said Flutie.

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