Dr. J's NFL Rankings for Week 10

Okay, step forward if you're the best team in the NFC...whoa, not so fast St. Louis. You too Minnesota... <br><br>

1) Kansas City (8-0)
Last Week: 1st, Bye
Not to look too far ahead, but the Chiefs could make a run at 16-0 with only the Vikings ahead on their schedule posing as a threat.

2) Indianapolis (7-1)
Last Week: 2nd, Defeated Miami 23-17
Colts are exorcising many of their demons, winning in Miami for the only the 3rd time in 13 tries.

3) New England (7-2)
Last Week: 6th, Defeated Denver 27-23
Tom Brady's heroics gives the Pats a big lead in the AFC East.

4) Tennessee (6-2)
Last Week: 4th, Bye Week
Titans have won 3 straight but remain a game behind Colts in AFC South.

5) Minnesota (6-2)
Last Week: 3rd, Lost to Green Bay 30-27
In two straight losses, the defense has given up a whopping 901 yards.

6) Carolina (6-2)
Last Week: 5th, Lost to Houston 14-10
Panthers blow too many chances in a game they should have easily won.

7) Seattle (6-2)
Last Week: 10th, Defeated Pittsburgh 23-16
Darrell Jackson gets mocked by the crowd, then comes up big when it counts.

8) Dallas (6-2)
Last Week: 11th, Defeated Washington 21-14
Bill Parcells knows where the bread is buttered, Dallas is 3-0 against division opponents.

9) St. Louis (5-3)
Last Week: 7th, Lost to San Francisco 30-10
Is it me, or does Marc Bulger have no sense of the pass rush?

10) Green Bay (4-4)
Last Week: 13th, Defeated Minnesota 30-27
Packers roll not through air, but on the ground for 262 yards.

11) Tampa Bay (4-4)
Last Week: 9th, Lost to New Orleans 17-14
Up and down she goes, where it stops, nobody knows...

12) Miami (5-3)
Last Week: 8th, Lost to Indianapolis 23-17
Dolphins woes on offense continue, on six of seven possessions in the first half, punt or fumble.

13) Philadelphia (5-3)
Last Week: 14th, Defeated Atlanta 23-16
McNabb's big game helps Eagles rack up 430 total yards and 24 first downs.

14) Baltimore (5-3)
Last Week: 16th, Defeated Jacksonville 24-17
Despite average day, Jamal Lewis has 1,045 yards in just 8 games and is the first to reach the 1,000-yard mark.

15) Denver (5-4)
Last Week: 12th, Lost to New England 27-23
Sure, they are hurt on offense, but it was the defense that lost the game.

16) San Francisco (4-5)
Last Week: 19th, Defeated St. Louis 30-10
Let the debate begin! Jeff Garcia or Tim Rattay?

17) NY Giants (4-4)
Last Week: 18th, Defeated NY Jets 31-28 in OT
Giants special teams first blow it, then win it in longest game of the year.

18) Buffalo (4-4)
Last Week: 17th, Bye
A tough 2nd half ahead for the Bills as they get the Cowboys, Colts, Giants, Titans, Dolphins, and Patriots.

19) Cincinnati (3-5)
Last Week: 15th, Lost to Arizona 17-14
A big disappointment for a team that was making big strides.

20) New Orleans (4-5)
Last Week: 21st, Defeated Tampa Bay 17-14
Saints continue their jinx over the defending Super Bowl Champions.

21) Houston (3-5)
Last Week: 25th, Defeated Carolina 14-10
Dom Capers stings his old team.

22) Cleveland (3-5)
Last Week: 22nd, Bye
Looking to stop the Chiefs next...good luck.

23) Washington (3-5)
Last Week: 20th, Lost to Dallas 21-14
Fun and Gun ain't no fun if Patrick Ramsey spends most of his time on his backside.

24) NY Jets (2-6)
Last Week: 24th, Lost to NY Giants 31-28 in OT
Jets late comeback goes for naught as they fail to make the plays in OT.

25) Chicago (3-5)
Last Week: 27th, Defeated San Diego 20-7
Bears are 3-1 at home this season.

26) Arizona (3-5)
Last Week: 31st, Defeated Cincinnati 17-14
When Marcel Shipp can run for 141 yards on 29, why did they even bother with Emmitt Smith?

27) Pittsburgh (2-6)
Last Week: 23rd, Lost to Seattle 23-16
Steelers finally bring the ground game, bring the defense, and still looking horribly out of sync.

28) Detroit (2-6)
Last Week: 27th, Defeated Oakland 23-13
Five of the Lions' 11 drives started in Oakland territory.

29) Jacksonville (1-7)
Last Week: 29th, Lost to Baltimore 24-17
The growing pains of Byron Leftwich continue...

30) Oakland (2-6)
Last Week: 26th, Lost to Detroit 23-13
Raiders have not been this bad since 1964 when Al Davis was head coach.

31) San Diego (1-7)
Last Week: 30th, Lost to Chicago 20-7
Drew Brees or Doug Flutie? Who gives a damn! This team needs more than just a QB change. It needs a brain transplant.

32) Atlanta (1-7)
Last Week: 32nd, Lost to Philadelphia 23-16
Dan Reeves benches entire secondary and they respond by giving up 312 yards passing to a struggling Donovan McNabb.

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