Flutie to Start for the Chargers

Doug Flutie better eat his patented "Flakes". The home crowd at Qualcomm is going to be in a vile mood this Sunday when the San Diego Chargers face the Minnesota Vikings. It has less to do with the quarterback change and more about the 1-7 start the team is off to.

It was evident early in the week that Doug Flutie would get the call this week over Drew Brees. The body language was there.

"This team is young and has some talented players," said Mike Tice. "They just can't get over the hump. They play hard, have a lot of speed on the defense and it will be a good matchup for us."

With Flutie starting the average age of the players has doubled. The Chargers hope this is one move that pays off.

"As I said at the outset, the decision would be based on one single factor, and that is what gives us the best opportunity to win a game Sunday," said Marty Schottenheimer. "That's the sole and single criteria that was used."

Flutie may be a veteran but he will need serious help this week. In a game that the Chargers could easily lose by a score similar to the one last year against the New York Jets, this was a wise move.

What happens next week if he wins? Does Schottenheimer go back to Brees to see him get booed as he walks onto the field? Does he start Flutie in hopes the team wins its next seven to save his job?

"Doug Flutie is going to play the (entire) game, barring injury," said Schottenheimer. "I don't believe in musical quarterback chairs. I just don't think it works."

Now that is a perplexing comment. Not sure how to respond. So if Brees starts next week – is it considered musical chairs?

Before we get to next week, the Chargers have to win this week. There is a feeling here that the Chargers want to lose this week. Make it respectable, but lose.


It will be easier to go back to Brees after a loss. And if you are in the dark, the team must find out if Brees is the answer for this franchise.

For all the excitement that Flutie may or may not bring this week, he is a 41 year old man who has expressed interest in the CFL next season. Fans are all in favor of wins, but there is a predicament that even they face. If Flutie wins, you cannot give the team back to Drew Brees this year and maybe ever.

But he is 24! Exactly.

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