Chargers Game Day Primer

What now? The San Diego Chargers have inserted Doug Flutie into the starting lineup, but does it matter? Not unless the other pieces of the puzzle come together. Right now, that is just as much in question as the QB situation.

Who besides David Boston will catch the ball and is he even enough?

"David (Boston) is in there, he is working, he is doing the things that we are trying to get done," Marty Schottenheimer said. "His opportunities come. We are not efficient right now as an offense. Whatever we can do, and whatever he can do to increase this efficiency – that is what we have to do. He was behind for quite a while. We really only had him here for about four weeks."

Boston has had three good games and three that are forgettable. Maybe it hasn't been his fault. Against Chicago he had four catches for 29 yards, but he was open on several others, including one that could have been a touchdown had it been on the mark.

"Well, you know Boston is a big guy," Ken Irvin said. "He is a really big guy. He is a tight end out there playing receiver. He has the speed of a small, slimmer guy. So we know we have our work cut out for us in the passing game.

"We are not putting our emphasis on totally just stopping the run when you have guys out there that can beat you on the perimeter as well."

Tim Dwight and Reche Caldwell must finally make their mark. They both were in the running for the second receiver spot opposite Boston to start the season and with the most consistent threat at #2 out, Eric Parker, they will have to shine. Right now Lorenzo Neal has more catches than either Dwight or Caldwell and Drew Brees has more touchdown receptions than both of them combined.

While we all know LaDainian Tomlinson is a great back, the offensive line is still in question. They performed admirably a week ago allowing no sacks and we will again see the right side of Courtney VanBuren and Phil Bogle. They are still a work in progress, but with one win, nine weeks into the season, they are the future. The fire may be hot, but this is for next season.

The holes need to be bigger and short yardage was a definite problem a week ago. The unit is still figuring each other out.

Flutie will need open lanes to throw through.

"When Flutie came in last week he took them right down the field and scored so we know they have the perimeter guys as well," Irvin said. "Right now we need to get better in the areas that we have took a step back in.

"That is us coming up on the corners and stopping the outside run and first of all that will help us as a team. The biggest point again, I have to keep emphasizing is that it starts individually, right here with myself. Doing the things that we can do better will help us correct the problems that we are having."

Daunte Culpepper is in awe of Flutie: "It is a tribute to him and what he has done in his career to still be playing and playing at the level he plays at. He is somebody I watched growing up and I have a tremendous amount of respect for him."

Then there is the defense. The corners will have their hands full with Randy Moss and Grant Mattos is no Moss by the way. This game they will truly be on an island as they can ill afford to help the running game with the deep threat Moss poses.

The speed of the linebackers will take on a greater importance as they attempt to slow down Michael Bennett. Just like the Vikings have seen their edge attacked, so have the Chargers. They have been better on their perimeter coverage, but they have never faced a Randy Moss before that can make them take five steps back before they realize it is a running play out of the fear he could get behind them.

"Their defense is great," Bennett said. "They got some great young corners. We are going to have our hands full, but I think we can go out there and get the job done."

The Chargers are hoping is Bennett is right about one thing. They hope their defense is great. It has been anything but great up until this point. A work in progress – yes – great – not quite.

Comical quote of the week:

"You have an outstanding defensive guy in Marcellus Wiley." – Michael Bennett when talking about the Chargers defense.

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