Dr. J's NFL Power Rankings Week 11

Looks like the pretenders are making way for the contenders and we could have both Super Bowl teams from a year ago miss the playoffs...

1) Kansas City Chiefs (9-0)
Last Week: 1st, Defeated Cleveland 41-20
Do you remember when Denis Savage said they would go 16-0? Find it here: http://mb3.theinsiders.com/ffootballfrm1.showMessage?topicID=1825.topic

2) New England Patriots (7-2)
Last Week: 3rd, Bye
Pats have started a league high 40 players this season including 8 rookies.

3) Tennessee Titans (7-2)
Last Week: 4th, Defeated Miami 31-7
Titans are rolling, having scored 30+ in 6 straight games.

4) Indianapolis Colts (7-2)
Last Week: 2nd, Lost to Jacksonville 28-23
Manning leads league with 18 TD passes, but main target Harrison is hurt.

5) Carolina Panthers (7-2)
Last Week: 6th, Defeated Tampa Bay 27-24
Panthers open up a 3 game lead in NFC South.

6) Dallas Cowboys (7-2)
Last Week: 8th, Defeated Buffalo 10-6
Cowboys rough up Drew Bledsoe, sacking him 3 times and causing 2 fumbles.

7) St. Louis Rams (6-3)
Last Week: 9th, Defeated Baltimore 33-22
Rams do it on defense forcing 7 turnovers.

8) Minnesota Vikings (6-3)
Last Week: 5th, Lost to San Diego 42-28
Last three games, 0-3, giving up 30+ points and 400 ypg. Have they been exposed defensively?

9) Philadelphia Eagles (6-3)
Last Week: 13th, Defeated Green Bay 17-14
Finally, the real Donovan McNabb returns.

10) Seattle Seahawks (6-3)
Last Week: 7th, Lost to Washington 27-20
For some reason, the Seahawks failed to blitz Patrick Ramsey and come away with 0 sacks.

10) Green Bay Packers (4-5)
Last Week: 10th, Lost to Philadelphia 17-14
Packers play give away in the rain, fumbling the ball 6 times.

11) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-5)
Last Week: 11th, Lost to Carolina 27-24
Bucs allow game winning 78 yard drive on just 6 plays.

12) Miami Dolphins (5-4)
Last Week: 12th, Lost to Tennessee 31-7
Ricky Williams stuggling? 0 100 yard games in 6 straight.

14) Baltimore Ravens (5-4)
Last Week: 14th, Lost to St. Louis 33-22
Kyle Boller could be out for the season.

15) Cincinnati Bengals (4-5)
Last Week: 19th, Defeated Houston 34-27
Rudi Johnson, meet Corey Dillon. Corey Dillon, meet the waiver wire.

16) Denver Broncos (5-4)
Last Week: 15th, Bye Week
Jake the Snake makes his return this week.

17) San Francisco 49ers (4-5)
Last Week: 16th, Bye Week
How short of a leash does Jeff Garcia have?

18) New Orleans Saints (4-5)
Last Week: 20th, Bye Week
Can Saints stay hot on offense?

19) Washington Redskins (4-5)
Last Week: 23rd, Defeated Seattle 27-20
Steve Spurrier's gutsy (lucky?) and only two offensive calls may have saved the season for the Redskins.

20) New York Giants (4-5)
Last Week: 17th, Lost to Atlanta 27-7
Could Jim Fassel be on the way out and Tom Coughlin on the way in?

21) Buffalo Bills (4-5)
Last Week: 18th, Lost to Dallas 10-6
Bills need to make better adjustments on offense to pass rush.

22) New York Jets (3-6)
Last Week: 24th, Defeated Oakland 27-24 in OT
This time, Jets 4th quarter comeback leads to a win.

23) Pittsburgh Steelers (3-6)
Last Week: 27th, Defeated Arizona 28-15
Steelers "Blitzburgh" team returns, if just for one game...

24) Detroit Lions (3-6)
Last Week: 27th, Defeated Chicago 12-10
It isn't much, but the Lions have won back to back games for the first time since 2000.

25) Houston Texans (3-6)
Last Week: 21st, Lost to Cincinnati 34-27
There's a lot to like in Houston.

26) San Diego Chargers (2-7)
Last Week: 31st, Defeated Minnesota 42-21
Chargers 42 point explosion biggest since 1996.

27) Cleveland Browns (3-6)
Last Week: 22nd, Lost to Kansas City 41-20
The release of Kevin Johnson is just mind boggling to me.

28) Jacksonville Jaguars (2-7)
Last Week: 29th, Defeated Indianapolis 28-23
Jags' roster looks good on offense.

29) Arizona Cardinals (3-6)
Last Week: 26th, Lost to Pittsburgh 28-15
Can't figure this team out.

30) Atlanta Falcons (2-7)
Last Week: 32nd, Defeated NY Giants 20-7
With Warrick Dunn, why draft T.J. Duckett? That's what you get when you listen to Bobby Beathard these days.

31) Chicago Bears (3-6)
Last Week: 25th, Lost to Detroit 12-10
Bears are winless on the road this season.

32) Oakland Raiders (2-7)
Last Week: 30th, Lost to NY Jets 27-24 in OT
How much you wanna bet DeLawrence Grant is going through tackling drills right now?

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