Dr. J's Outlook for Week Eleven

<b>Last Week:</b> (7-7)<br> <b>Season Totals:</b> (88-56)<br> <br> Another 7-7? Those are good on the craps table, as they were to me this past weekend...

Arizona at Cleveland
You want offense? Don't watch this one. The Browns and Cards are 31st and 32nd in ppg. This will probably look like a baseball score. I'll pick the Indians to beat the Diamondbacks.

Atlanta at New Orleans

It looks like it will still be another week before Michael Vick comes back for the Falcons, so in the meantime, they'll have to hope that Kurt Kittner and Warrick Dunn will be enough. It won't be. Saints win.

Baltimore at Miami

Both teams have stuggled mightly on offense and will rely on their defenses to keep the other team in check. I'll take the Ravens.

Houston at Buffalo

Bills aren't moving the ball well, Texans not stopping it well. I like the Bills at home.

Jacksonville at Tennessee

Titans are rolling on all facets of the game. Tennessee is clearly the pick.

Kansas City at Cincinnati

Well, well, well. Is it time for a stinker? The Bengals are certainly in position to do just that. But I think the Chiefs will stay focused and win. There will be a stinker sometime, but just not this week.

N.Y. Giants at Philadelphia
The Eagles will unveil an alternate black top for this game. SIGH, the marketing never ends. But of course, I want one now... Eagles win.

St. Louis at Chicago

The Bears are undefeated at home and the Rams have had trouble outdoors this season. I'll pick the Bears in a major upset.

Washington at Carolina

Steve Spurrier reliquished the offensive playcalling duties for the first time ever last week. He may want to start it up again when he gets a hold of this defense. Carolina and those sharp light blue tops will win.

N.Y. Jets at Indianapolis

Colts may be without Marvin Harrison and that will hurt the offense, but it won't matter. Colts get their revenge for last year's demolition in the Wild Card game.

San Diego at Denver

Is it Doug Flutie's magic or disdain for the playcalling? I think it's a little of both. Just what will he do against the 5th ranked defense? On the other side, Jake Plummer makes his return. I'm picking the Chargers in a major upset.

Detroit at Seattle

Seahawks still unbeaten at home. Lions won't change that. Seattle is the pick.

Green Bay at Tampa Bay

A sixth loss for either side could mean that they are on the outside looking in come playoff time. The Bucs defense has been more talk than walk lately, giving up yet another late game drive for the loss. Brett Favre's thumb is obviously bothering him, but he'll be game for this one. I'm picking the Packers to win.

Minnesota at Oakland

If you said the Vikings would be 6-3 after 9 games, you'd take it, right? Unless of course, they would start off with 6 straight wins. The defense may have been exposed recently, but the Raiders don't have the explosiveness on offense that can exploit them. Vikings are the pick.

ESPN Sunday Night Football
Dallas at New England
It's Bill Parcells versus Bill Belichick. Two head coaches who have made their mark on this team and are seemingly willing their teams to win. Neither the Cowboys nor Patriots have a top ten player in passing, rushing, receiving, sacks, or tackles and yet both teams are 7-2. Simply amazing coaching jobs by both men. I'm picking the Patriots to win.

ABC Monday Night Football
Pittsburgh at San Francisco
Yawn. This matchup might have been better around 1994. But alas, it's between two teams in denial. Both are rebuilding, but neither will use the word. Going with the 49ers at home.

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