San Diego Chargers Offense Sputters

San Diego Chargers quarterback Doug Flutie had no answers after his team was harassed into submission by the Denver Broncos on Sunday. After recent weeks showed promise in a number of areas, the team reverted back to its early season woes in a 37-8 drumming.

The Chargers officially gained 96 yards on offense. Entering the fourth quarter they had just 18 total yards. Only two drives went more than three plays. Four drives ended in two plays or less.

"You hold an NFL team to under 100 yards, I think that is pretty good," Clinton Portis said.

"Our football team played poorly today," Marty Schottenheimer said. "One of the most disappointing losses I have been involved with."

The Chargers offensive line will not have to order out all week. They had their lunch handed to them all day long they may have even stocked up for winter, because they sure went into hibernation today.

The line provided no time for LaDainian Tomlinson to pick his head up after grabbing the handoff. Doug Flutie was under fire all day long and any open lanes that were available last week were shutoff like an overturned tractor trailer. Flutie fumbled the ball three times, two of which were unforced and went 9-25 on the day. Most of his throws were rushed and several were dropped.

Tomlinson ended the day with just twelve touches and several times after he went down he would let his frustration out by pushing someone off him as he tried to get up.

Not one player on offense or defense stands out as having a good game. Props to the Denver offense and defense for its total annihilation of the Bolts.

"It's always nice to see your defense step up and play the way they did," said Denver Coach Mike Shanahan after the win. "Anytime you hold a team under 100 yards in offense it really speaks volumes about the type of people that you do have and how hard they have worked during the week preparing for this football team."

The Broncos were injured on defense as two of their best linebackers sat out. It didn't matter since the front four was within two steps of Flutie at the snap. No one on the line is safe from blame. Flutie looked like a chicken with his head cutoff.

"Things didn't go well," Flutie said. "We aren't all smiles and happy. It was frustrating not to be able to make a play."

A dejected Flutie was unsure why they could not move the ball simply saying, "I don't know."

Bert Berry summed it up when he said, "It was pretty dominating. You have to come to play every week or stuff like this happens."

"All the guys on the Denver defense should be All-Pro," LaDainian Tomlinson said. "They made us look like we were high school guys out there.

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