Do you still blame Brees?

Hello all and welcome to my wonderful world of pain, as you all know I have been absent for a few months from writing – frankly, I just have been so angry I knew if I wrote what I feel that Denis would have to bleep out half the Story, but I can no longer hold my tongue. To all you Denver fans I apologize, you have a great team. They thoroughly dominated the San Diego Chargers, not in just Sunday's debacle, but in the first game also.

Any doubt I had about the Broncos may the rest of their season shine and let's hope it is either them or KC in the Super Bowl this year, because it definitely, stating the obvious here, will not be the Chargers.

To all you Doug Flutie Bandwagoner's and Drew Brees bashers, what happened??

All of you came out over the last week, bashing Brees, talking about the life that Flutie sparked in this offense, well, what happened to it Sunday? The only life I saw was the one that was pumping slowly out on the ground from all the tears of laughter the fans of the Broncos were spewing out at this team. What a pathetic display.

My High School team, the Serra Conquistadores, is playing better than the Chargers right now.

Brees was not the problem. I have said from day one. I thought hiring Marty Schottenheimer was the wrong move, that the Chargers should have gone with someone younger and more attuned to be aggressive. That is definitely not Marty. Tomlinson was bound to win us one game by himself as he did in Cleveland, but did anyone notice it when they opened up the playbook and let Flutie play?

Flutie threw for 260 yards and 4 TDs, David Boston had a good game and LT, as per his usual, ran wild all over Minnesota. Then the following week they pulled the same crap that got them their first six losses to start the season. The Defense cannot tackle and the Offense cannot block.

You will hear it from me now:

The Chargers need a Coaching change. They need to go to a new coach with an aggressive attitude.

Look at Marvin Lewis and what he is doing with Cincy. "When we were flying back from Minneapolis to Kansas City," Lewis began in regards to Schottenheimer, "he brought me up front with him and he said, ‘I want to thank you for coming. And remember this — if you ever get a chance to be in charge, make sure you listen. Because if you don't listen to them and don't hear what they're saying, they quit talking to you, and you've lost them.'"

He should have heeded his own advice.

Look at John Fox in Carolina. Hell, even Jacksonville is playing better ball than us and their record is no better. The Chargers need to get aggressive all the way round; we need a Defensive coach not afraid to blitz. What happened Sunday when they blitzed more?? Turnovers and hurrying the QB, even though they never punted, (though with out the Penalties they should have several times), the defense looked good in small quantities.

Brees proved last year he could throw (he threw for over 3/000 yards) so what has been his problem this year? How about dropped passes? How about over half his interceptions came from when receivers knocked the ball up in the air into the waiting defenders hand? How about the fact he calls one route and the receivers run another? Is it all the receivers fault, no, Brees somehow lost his confidence in himself and his receivers and he lost his accuracy, something he was noted for in college. He went from being an aggressive QB to being to tentative, mirroring the demeanor of his coach. Where is the Brees we saw last year who was not afraid to throw the ball? It is time that the Chargers step up and be men and take the blame on their shoulders for this miserable season.

Heck, bring back Norv Turner, he seems to know what he wanted to do with the Chargers, and we all know that his offense works if he has the right QB implementing it. Flutie threw for over 3,000 yards in that offense.

Turner wanted Brees. Turner knows how to develop young talent, and Turner knows how to open up an offense. I honestly think that Schottenheimer is holding Cam Cameron back. I saw his offense in Illinois; he is a student of Turners' offense. Schottenheimer's way is old and non aggressive. The Chargers need some new blood in here a coach with an aggressive offensive mind.

Am I calling for a Coaching change? Hell yeah, the only good thing about this is we will get the # 1 Pick in the draft and maybe even get another Manning in Eli or trade down and get several picks.

Who knows, I do know one thing. This team sucks right now and you can no longer blame the QB, you have to blame the ones calling the plays.

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