Dr. J's Outlook for Week Twelve

<b>Last Week:</b> (10-6) <br> <b>Season Totals:</b> (98-62) <br><br> Keyshawn Johnson got exactly what he deserved. His attitude can be tolerable when you're winning, but a cancerous tumor in the locker room when you're losing. NFL teams considering picking him up this offseason, just remember the clip of him going up to Jon Gruden yelling and screaming at the top of his lungs. This guy isn't worth the trouble.

Carolina at Dallas
Dallas is running into the tough part of their schedule and it's beginning to show. Carolina wins.

Detroit at Minnesota

The Lions have lost 21 straight road games and the Vikings will make it 22 in a row despite their current losing streak.

Indianapolis at Buffalo
The Bills are reeling after their hot start. The Colts defense has improved a bit, although they didn't show it last week. Colts win even without Marvin Harrison for the 2nd straight week.

Jacksonville at N.Y. Jets

Yipes! The Jags and Jets yuck it up in the Meadowlands. I'll take the Jets to stink less.

New England at Houston

The Patriots season is well known by now, 40 different players have started for them including 8 rookies on defense. It's a hell of a year for Bill Belichick who will probably get quite a few Coach of the Year votes. Patriots win.

New Orleans at Philadelphia

Finally, the real Eagles have arrived, and so has the real Donovan McNabb. Picking the Eagles.

Pittsburgh at Cleveland

The last time these two teams met, the Browns spanked the Steelers 33-13 at Heinz Field. I think the Browns will do it again.

Seattle at Baltimore

Seattle has been less than stellar on the road and need to prove their worth against a good defensive team. The Seahawks should take advantage of a poor Raven offense and win.

San Francisco at Green Bay

If Tim Rattay starts this game, you can pretty much wave goodbye to Jeff Garcia who will probably be the odd man out next offseason. I'm picking the Packers at home.

Chicago at Denver

Next game please. Broncos easily.

St. Louis at Arizona

Um, next one again please. Rams win.

Cincinnati at San Diego

Um, yeah. Bengals win.

Oakland at Kansas City

Jeez, another one? Kansas City comes off the mini-slide and wins their 10th game of the season.

Tennessee at Atlanta

Michael Vick sprains his ankle on a walk through! Somebody tell Keith Brooking to take it easy! The Titans win big.

ESPN Sunday Night Football
Washington at Miami
For the 1st time ever, the Dolphins will wear orange tops in a regular season game. Didn't anyone tell the Dolphins that neither the Broncos nor Bucs won a Super Bowl until they got rid of their orange jerseys? Oh well, I'm picking the Dolphins anyway.

ABC Monday Night Football
N.Y. Giants at Tampa Bay
It's do or die for both of these teams. A 7th loss could mean a run at the playoffs is out of reach. The Bucs will be without Keyshawn Johnson of course, but because it was by choice, it could mean something good for the team, addition by subtraction. Meanwhile, the Jim Fassel watch continues in New York. But the man on the hotseat should be Tiki Barber who has fumbled the ball 5 times this season. Will twin brother Ronde cause yet another? The Buccaneers will win.

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