One thing we know. Doug Flutie has not been good these last few weeks. ">
One thing we know. Doug Flutie has not been good these last few weeks. ">

QB Debate…Again

Drew Brees will start this week for the San Diego Chargers. No, wait, make that Doug Flutie. Yes, Doug Flutie will start for the Bolts. Um, hmm…Brees – definitely, how about we just say, "He will start on Sunday against the Detroit Lions." <br><br> One thing we know. Doug Flutie has not been good these last few weeks.

"I think one of the things that is apparent is that the issues we are facing offensively go far beyond just the quarterback position," Marty Schottenheimer said.

Can't complain there. The receivers continue to drop passes, the offensive line is battered and in shambles and the quarterback still stinks.

"Offensively it came down to one thing and that was turning the football over was critical to our demise," added Schottenheimer.

Does that mean the end of the Flutie era…again?

"We really haven't talked about it. We won't make a decision until later in the week. I will speak to the staff about it, but it will be my decision."

Leaving a decision of this magnitude in the hands of Schottenheimer – that has worked to the tune of 2-10 this year. The odds are great, aren't they?

Flutie threw three interceptions in the last three games and has four fumbles in the same span. His Denver game, a week after a dominating performance against Minnesota, was the worst performance by a QB this season in the NFL. The Flutie magic has worn off quickly.

"Things didn't go well," Flutie confirmed.

"One of the reasons we made the change was to afford Drew the opportunity to step back and watch it from a different perspective," Schottenheimer said. "Having said that, we still want to put ourselves in the best position to win football games.

"I think if you look around the NFL you will find a lot of guys who had a hiccup along the way and now they are playing pretty solid football. It is a very complex position to play. You look at John Kitna, he is playing terrific. Several years ago he did not play nearly as well as he is playing now."

Matt Hasselbeck is another player that comes to mind. Since his renaissance late last season, culminating with a 449 yard performance against the Chargers to end the year, Hasselbeck has been lights out. He has led the Seahawks to an 8-4 record with a fourth best in the league 94.2 QB rating. He has 22 touchdowns on the season compared to just nine interceptions.

Brees is the future of this franchise, or so they hope. Four games to go, who knows maybe he can get on a roll like Hasselbeck did and carry it over into next season.

The team needs to get a better read on Brees. Is the guy who led them to an 8-8 mark last year? Or the quarterback who this year threw seven touchdowns, 12 interceptions and seemingly lost his confidence.

Brees has completed 57.5% of his passes compared to Flutie's 52.3%. He does not ad lib as much and has made more costly mistakes in terms of interceptions, but he may have benefited greatly from his time on the sideline.

Many in the organization are eager to see Drew Brees, the third-year pro who was benched in favor of Flutie after losing seven of his first eight games this year.

"I'd like my brother to have to work and prepare for both of them," Schottenheimer added.

Kurt Schottenheimer is the defensive coordinator for the Lions.

Last time we read between the lines Doug Flutie was the starter and rightly so. This time we will make the same proclamation. Drew Brees will start this Sunday against the Lions.

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