Chargers in Need of Visine

The Chargers' coaching staff and front office are in need of a good eye exam. Seems their long-term vision has become blurred. Despite the need to get an extended look at Drew Brees; the San Diego Chargers will stick with Doug Flutie when heading to Ford Field to play the Detroit Lions on Sunday.

"I think right now Doug's shown an ability to enable the offense to make some progress and score some," coach Marty Schottenheimer said. "That is the primary reason."

OK. But let's say the Chargers run the table with the 41-year-old Flutie as he erases a three-game losing streak.

Yippee, they finish 6-10.

Let's say they play Brees the final four games, and lose all four. Big deal, they finish 2-14.

It's more important for the team to look at the big picture. And that would be better served if they could evaluate Brees, who was benched after going 1-7 and throwing seven touchdowns and 12 interceptions.

Look, the 2-10 Chargers' shopping list is going to be extensive this off-season: defensive tackle, defensive end, a receiver to play opposite Boston, help at linebacker.

With that in mind, why would they want to add searching for a quarterback to that? But that seems to be their lot.

The Chargers, if they are going to give Brees a look, seem to be passing up a perfect spot this week at Ford Field. The Lions aren't the Packers, who the Chargers face the following week at Qualcomm Stadium. And wouldn't it be better to let Brees get his feet wet on the road, than a home team crowd which will start groaning at the first incomplete pass?

"I'm basing this in on what I believe is in the best interest of our football team," Schottenheimer said.

Instead, it reeks of someone basing it on trying to keep his job. The tea leaves aren't rustling as such that Schottenheimer appears to be in jeopardy for next year. But this decisions smells of someone desperate to win now, and the future be damned.

That's fine. But the Chargers are making a big, damn mistake by not finding out about team's most important position.


The report blaring from Doug Flutie's car speakers made him do a double-take. Just like that, he had been demoted. "I really didn't give (not starting) a second thought until on the radio (Tuesday) that Drew was starting," Flutie said. "That threw some questions in my mind, and then (Wednesday) morning there was no issue. When I heard that, I kind of rolled my eyes a little bit because you would assume you would be told first."

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