Scattered Schotts in the Dark...

Sunday's visit to Detroit will showcase a matchup of Schottenheimer's. Lions' defensive coordinator Kurt is already game planning against QB Doug Flutie, rather than waiting to see if the San Diego Charger knuckleballer will emerge from the bullpen, where he belongs. <br><br> Advantage, Schottenheimer.

Kurt had his brother's back for years, as a solid DC and an even better special teams coach during their heyday in Kansas City.

Marty seems much the worse for his brother's departure, as his hiring of Dale Lindsey on the heels of Kurt taking the Detroit job has proven to be a blunder. Lindsay was in so far over his head as a first year DC, that the team actually employed THREE defensive coordinators in 2002.

The team finished 32nd, or LAST, in defending the pass, so team Schott entrusted the entire one man job to Lindsey this year.

Now the defense can't stop the run either.

Advantage, Schottenheimer.

Without a brother to take a spot on the San Diego payroll, Marty hired his son Brian for the position of quarterback coach. Brian sports a resume featuring a stint holding a clipboard for Steve Spurrier's Florida Gators.

Not as a coach, but as a 3rd string QB.

That must have been some clipboard, because he soon became the expert assigned to handle Drew Brees' adjustment to professional football.

Advantage, Schottenheimer.

Last year's monumental collapse during the season's second half was attributed to personnel.

Personnel with a lack of speed. PRO BOWL personnel with a lack of speed, in particular. Jettisoned in favor of speedsters like Zeke Moreno and Jerry Wilson... 'Cough'...SS Rodney Harrison (New England), LB Junior Seau (Miami), and CB Ryan McNeil (Dallas) now find themselves in the thick of Super Bowl contention despite their perceived lack of skill.

That perception courtesy of a Head Coach who once chose Elvis Grbac over Rich Gannon as his franchise quarterback.

Advantage, Schottenheimer.

Marty does not need to put the blame squarely on personnel this time around, as he has appointed Doug Flutie as the starting QB.

It seems that the finger pointing has now become Flutie's domain. After fumbling an adequate snap on the key play during last week's loss, Doug made an effort to point out that his Center was not only a backup, but a backup with a sore hand.

Very subtle, Doug.

Cory Raymer didn't fumble that snap, but he must be very thankful for a QB who goes out of his way to protect him from the media.

Marty must be thankful, too.

Advantage, Schottenheimer.

3 Schottenheimers.
2 franchises in disarray.
1 last, decent chance at a victory this year.

Advantage, Schottenheimer?

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