Decisions! Decisions!

Will he or won't he?<br> Should he? Or should he not? <br><br> That's the question facing San Diego Chargers coach Marty Schottenheimer as he readies for Sunday's game with the visiting Green Bay Packers.

Will he start Drew Brees? Should he start Drew Brees?

Will he start Doug Flutie? Should he start Doug Flutie?

"It doesn't really matter to me, and I don't think it's too hard to prepare for," Green Bay linebacker Na'il Diggs said. "We're kind of used to having to prepare for two different quarterbacks."

The pick here says he starts Brees, this after Flutie went 2-3 as a starter.

"I'll keep going on the premise I'm starting until I hear differently," Flutie said.

That's not to say the Chargers are a better team with Brees at quarterback. Not now, anyway, as the 24-year-old looks like a lost kid in comparison to how the savvy Flutie runs the club, and makes plays -- albeit with his share of turnovers, but he does make plays.

Schottenheimer has said during this quarterback uncertainty that he will go with the player giving the Chargers the best shot at winning. But recently, he's wiggled more than a worm as he now says that's among the things he'll consider when picking a quarterback. And just yesterday there was a total 360 from his original stance.

"We're trying to find a way to avoid turnovers - that's the No. 1 consideration - and of course, we're trying to find a way to move the ball consistently," said Schottenheimer.

He needs to go with Brees, for the franchise's sake and the quarterback's sake. He can't allow Brees to finish the season on the bench, even if it cost the Chargers a few wins. More answers are needed about Brees, with the offseason essentially just three weeks away.

That said, Schottenheimer's timing is terrible. The Chargers are coming off a rare December victory and Flutie had a decent day with two touchdown passes. Plus, the Chargers' fans could start booing early if Brees struggles from the gate, which won't help his fragile psyche. Most thought sleepy Ford Field would had been a better place for Brees to start again, fly under the radar, and hopefully gain some confidence.

Tough. Throw Brees in there and hope for the best. The best thing for the Chargers would be for him to show his old confidence. It might not be the best thing for this year's Chargers, but when you're 3-10, what difference does it really make?

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