Dr. J's NFL Outlook for Week 15

<b>Last Week:</b> (8-8)<br> <b>Season Totals:</b> (128-80) <br><br> At a time when we are driving towards the playoffs, I go .500. Three weeks to go and I am turning on the burners and priming up for playoff football!

Atlanta at Indianapolis
Not even the return of Michael Vick could save Dan Reeves' job. The Colts will try their hand next to stop the dangerous QB. I think they will. The Colts win.

Buffalo at Tennessee

The Titans know that they've got to win out to keep their hopes of a division title and a 1st round bye alive. No Music City Miracle needed here, just solid football. Going with the Titans.

Detroit at Kansas City

Next please. Chiefs win easily.

Houston at Tampa Bay

The Bucs won't go gently into that good night. Bucs win.

Jacksonville at New England

The Patriots may have clinched, but will probably need to win out in order to remain the #1 seed in the AFC. Patriots win.

Minnesota at Chicago

The Bears are a totally different team at home and the Vikings have stumbled recently. Still, that Vikings offense is quite a show to watch. Sticking with the Vikings even though it's outdoors in the cold.

Pittsburgh at N.Y. Jets

Two disappointing team square off in what could be among the last for either or both Herm Edwards and Bill Cowher. Picking the Jets to win.

Seattle at St. Louis

This could be a better match if the Seahawks at least somewhat resembled the team that they put on the field at home. But as it is, it's St. Louis and the greatest place on turf. The Rams win.

San Francisco at Cincinnati

The Bengals could be due for a let-down with their disheartening loss to the Ravens hurting their chances at a division title and a playoff spot, but this is a different Bengals team under Marvin Lewis. I think the Bengals will be ready for the Niners.

Baltimore at Oakland

Whoa boy. The only thing that I wonder is if the Ravens will go over 40 and if the Raiders will go over 10. Ravens easily.

Cleveland at Denver

This isn't 1988 and the AFC Championship. But the result will be the same. Denver wins.

Carolina at Arizona

Ah yes, nothing like having the Cardinals on your schedule to break a 3 game losing streak. Panthers win.

Dallas at Washington

The Cowboys have made some big leaps and strides this season. That's what happens when you have a coach with a tried and true system in place (Parcells) and not a gimmick (Spurrier). Dallas wins.

Green Bay at San Diego

If the Chargers defense seems to make every QB they play look like Brett Favre, what happens when the face the real thing? Packers in a sea of green and yellow at the Q.

ESPN Sunday Night Football
N.Y. Giants at New Orleans
A stinker of a game on Sunday night. Going with the Saints just because.

ABC Monday Night Football
Philadelphia at Miami
The Game of the Week is right where it belongs, on Monday Night. The Dolphins are once again, fighting for their playoff lives in December and will need a win or will more than likely cost Dave Wannstedt his job. The Eagles are rolling and will wrap up home field advantage throughout the playoffs with wins in their next three games. This MNF game will be their toughest of the three. I'm going with the Eagles to win.

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