Brees to Start

Get a win, see the bench. After leading the San Diego Chargers to victory last weekend against the Detroit Lions, Doug Flutie will head to the bench and give way to Drew Brees. Brees began the year as the team's starter, brought the team to a 1-7 record, and was replaced by Flutie. Now Brees has a chance to reclaim his spot, now and potentially for the future.

After a week of speculation, Marty Schottenheimer announced Drew Brees will start in place of Doug Flutie this Sunday against the Green Bay Packers.

Brees officially lost the handle on the job in the fourth quarter of the Nov. 2nd Chicago game and Schottenheimer had hinted all week that it might be time to go back to Brees for the future of the franchise.

Now after five weeks, where the Chargers went 2-3 under the direction of Flutie, the reigns have been handed back to the young quarterback who has thrown five more interceptions (12) than touchdowns (7) this season.

"It's a decision that I felt was the appropriate one. It's not a reflection on Doug Flutie's performance. At the outset, I made the statement, and I still think its true, Drew needed an opportunity to step back and look at it from a different perspective. Let's find out exactly what kind of progress he made."

How he handles this game could go a long way towards the future of this franchise.

"I will use the things that I've learned from being out for five weeks," said Brees. "The main thing I've learned is to believe in yourself and trust what you've done all along and just continue to do it and continue to build on it."

Schottenheimer showed his support when he said:

"Drew Brees is our starting quarterback. Doug Flutie came in a tough situation. We're fortunate to have him, but Drew Brees is our starting quarterback."

How long that lasts depends on Drew Brees.

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