Bottom to the Top (of the draft)

This is a big weekend for San Diego Charger fans and fans of the league's other bottom feeders. Yes, that means you Raider, Lion, Brown, Cardinal, Falcon, and Giant faithful. Keep an eye on each others scores as your teams have the potential to be the initial top picks of the 2004 NFL Draft....

Lions fans can take comfort as they face a hot team in the playoff bound Rams who've clinched a first round bye and have something to play for as they look to gain home field advantage throughout the playoffs. Looks like it'll be 4-12 and a top 7 pick for Mariucci's men. The Lion's already possess two young quarterbacks and early predictions have them looking O-line or defense.

Giants' fans are sitting pretty with the Carolina Panthers coming to town. A Panther win may result in a first round bye. Top 7, here come the G-men! At first look offensive line help would suit the Giants just fine.

Ah, Cardinal fans you've got it made. You're the early favorite for the first shot at Eli Manning or Ben Reothlisberger. The Vikings take their playoff aspirations to the desert and the Cardinals look to finish 3-13. The Cards have to be tempted with the QBs but may want more of a look at their own youngster in Josh McCown.

Vick, I mean Falcon fans will be sweating this one. Michael has the dirty birds winning again and the 5-10 Jaguars may have a hand in the Falcons dropping a couple draft slots. 5-11 should still get you a good player. Definitely won't be looking quarterback in the first round.

Jamal Lewis' punching bag may want to take a long look at Ben and Eli. The Browns take a trip to Cincinnati to face the playoff aspiring Bengals and an upgrade over Tim and Kelly would suit Brown fans just fine. 4-12 and a chance to snatch a franchise signal caller? Kellen Winslow Jr is an also an intriguing pick for the Dawg-Pound and O-line is a definite area they would like to improve upon.

Check back later for a piece on the Raiders at Chargers battle for draft positioning.

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